Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mia Michaels, Katee & Joshua, "It's so much more than dance."

Here is YouTube video of Katee and Joshua's Mia Michaels' routine from So You Think You Can Dance, Top 14. Mia Michaels' routines usually make me cry. This one was no different. As Joshua said, "It's so much more than dance with Mia."

I didn't write on last week's eliminations, and by now you know that Kourtni went home and so did her partner Matt. I think they didn't have enough personality to win, but they're both exceptional dancers.

Short Courtney G. did a fantastic solo. If I could move like that I'd be Diva of the World. I also thought Gev's solo was hot.

I like Comfort, but her solo was more of the same. If she's going to keep ending up in the bottom three, then she'd better step up and seriously start dancing for her life. Cute and country only gets you so far, but I agree with SYTYCD judges that Comfort's really growing on the show.

Okay, I'm ready for tomorrow night's show now.

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ByJane said...

Oh gosh, I watched the whole thing through again. I love Mia Michaels; she has raised dance to entirely new levels.

Vérité Parlant said...

Definitely agreeing there, ByJane.