Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mia Michaels Mentions Desmond Richardson on SYTYCD Top 12

Like my daughter, you may have wondered who is Desmond Richardson, the contemporary ballet dancer that Mia Michaels mentioned tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. Praising Will and Jessica on their performance of a contemporary routine by Tyce D'orio (Adam and Eve), Mia said contestant Will B. Wingfield, the Debbie Allen protege, reminded her of Richardson. Mia also had lots of praise for Tyce's choreography as did Nigel and Mary.

Here's video of Desmond Richardson dancing, and the photo in this post is also of Richardson, found at

Tonight the judges also showed Jessica some real love and didn't harp on her falling short of Will's excellence. They started giving the love last week, and this week that blossomed as each judge drooled about Tyce's Adam and Eve.

Howevverrrr, Will and Jessica also did the Quickstep to Barry Manilow's "Bandstand Boogie." The judges withheld applause. Boy, Mia was brutal to Jessica. The lovefest faded fast as she said to Will, "You looked tired of carrying her." And she also said Will needed a new partner. Ouch! I like Mia, but da-a-yamn! That was tough.

Twitch and Kherington, aka Twitchington, killed it tonight krumping. Even Nigel liked it and didn't go into his thing about white people or stylistic dancers Krumping or how they don't do HipHop right.

The judges disliked Twitchington's Tango. Nigel didn't believe Twitch, and he thought Kherington lacked passion. He said they murdered the dance not each other. The routine's subtext was the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Mia and Mary didn't like it either.

It seems that Chelsie and Mark aren't close to losing any heat. Both their routines sizzled tonight. Those two have got real chemistry.

Comfort and Thayne. Choreographer Mandy Moore said she wanted to give Comfort some hard work. It seemed Comfort was injured during rehearsal. The performance was missing something. I agree with the judges. Comfort's in real danger.

This post is not really a recap, and so I didn't talk about every couple in detail, but I liked watching Courtney and Gev, and I also like Katee and Joshua. I've said before that I don't do recaps. But did you like the Bollywood routine Katee and Joshua did? My daughter, who says she's watches lots of Bollywood stuff, thought Joshua needed to loosen up in the beginning. She said he got better quickly. I liked the pose at the end.

Nigel said he'd tried to get this form of dance on the show for years, and he thought Katee and Joshua were brilliant. Mary put them on the hot tamale train. Mia said Katee needs to dress like she was dressed for the dance, in Indian clothing, every day of her life.

I think next week the couples break up. And, um, members from Alvin Ailey Dance Theater will perform on tomorrow night's results show. Perhaps knowing they were coming influenced Mia when she said Will was like Desmond Richardson.

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ByJane said...

Incredible clip. I didn't know who she was talking about so I'm glad you posted this. Do you think his ability to move like that is a function of his talent (i.e., his body) or could everyone do that if they worked that hard?

lilalia said...

Thank you for the video of Desmond Richardson. Mesmerizingly beautiful.

Marvalus said...

That clip is outstanding...I heard music and there was none playing...

That picture...I must have...