Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Paul Begala on "GOP dirtbags"

I like a mini-rant and a punchy war of words as much as the next person as long as the fire's not directed at me. So, I found this bit about Paul Begala to be pretty darn funny. It's an apology, um, not, to GOP donors.
"I think it was wrong for me to call those fat cat lobbyists dirtbags," said the longtime Clinton confidante. "It is an insult to bags for dirt around the world."

Begalla recently sent an email to supporters of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in which he belittled a gathering of Republican financiers as "wall to wall" fat-cats.

"The limos were lined up around the block. If you'd stood in the middle of the ballroom and yelled, 'Hey dirtbag!' a thousand necks would have snapped around," Begala wrote. (Read more at HuffPo)
In responding to GOP donor complaints that he insulted them he whipped out a favorite saying of a friend of mine: "A hit dog barks." Actually my friend says, "The guilty dog hollers loudest."

I don't know if all GOP fat cat donors are dirtbags, but for the sake of my own amusement, I'm glad Begala shared his observation. It's about that time now, time that the Democratic Party remembered it's in a race for the White House and stopped chewing itself from the inside. The Dems, of course, are getting ready for the big show in August. Begala's practicing for his close-up, see.

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