Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pitching and Bitching on SGTL. And the winner is ...

On the She's Got the Look finale tonight, Bahia pitched "I am Enough" but was busted for over dressing and perhaps really not seeing herself as enough. For tonight's first challenge and elimination, the women had to sell themselves and a concept for the cover of Self Magazine to Self editors.

Away from the editors Bahia expressed concern about being judged by women. What does that say about her? She feels more comfortable manipulating men, that's what. She's afraid women will see through her.

Celeste went insane with rambling and way past the time limit, it seemed. She said, "I'm 50" a gazillion times. Also, "I'm 51," she said. Furthermore, she stripped a bit to show that "at 50" she's got a great body. I sensed desperation. Would she die if she didn't win?

Tanya drew herself on posterboard in a bathtub, but I thought it was a brown purse. One of the judges thought it was a pot of stew, but the editors liked Tanya.

One editor thought Karin was too skinny. At least her pitch was concise.

Remember the women on this show want to win a contract with Wilhelmina Models but also a Self Magazine Cover.

After the pitch challenge, Celeste was sent home. They said she was gorgeous, but apparently she didn't have what the editors of Self Magazine wanted, but she left like a pro, saying all the right things.

The next challenge was a cover shoot using the pitched concept. Karin was pretty funny with her odd movements, but Tanya was even more amusing throwing bubbles up from the tub repeatedly. Bahia seemed the most sure of herself and felt she had the male photographer eating from her hand.

I'm not that keen on this show, but after I wrote my first blog about contestant Paula Thomas being a fake, people kept stopping by for updates. So, I gave updates.

Once the cover shoots were done, the judges critiqued the wannabe models' work. Beverly Johnson said she'd buy Bahia's cover. Patterson thought it was too plain looking. Kim Alexis said at least Bahia warmed up some and didn't do the sultry night club thing. Discussing her overall work later, Patterson kept returning to Bahia being drop dead gorgeous, which he said is the saving grace of any model.

Beverly loved the way Tanya's grown on the show. The judges liked Tanya's bathtub and bubbles photo, but they didn't think it was a cover. However, they loved that Tanya is the mother of five with a great look. Patterson said that Tanya isn't quite as stunning as Bahia.

Verdi, the judge, thought Karin lost the integrity of Self Magazine or something like that, but generally the judges liked her shot. While talking overall performance on the show, they really dug Karin's stuff, crazy runway walking excluded. They said she understands her relationship to the camera.

Tanya won! Well, she did seem genuinely nice not just beautiful. That mother of five angle is pretty cool, I guess.

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