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Playing Catch-up: Hope Goes Home on SGTL

I did see She's Got the Look when it aired last Wednesday, but I was too tired to write anything about it. However, seeing that some folks have been dropping by looking for commentary, I'm posting on it. What can I say? They finally sent the shorty home. I'm talking about Hope, who couldn't remember her lines for the Fuentes commercial challenge, but worse, mispronounced the word "dairy." You can watch full episodes at this link.

So it's down to four on SGTL. The finale is next week and starting July 6, TV Land will run a marathon of previous episodes. That's kind of standard practice these days for lower-tier reality shows.

The finalists are Tanya, who the judges keep warning to stop trying to be perfect; Karin, who looked like a psycho on the runway but who's also kind of funny; Celeste, the bubbly 50-year-old who can't act her way out of matchbox and who once worked a job with former model and SGTL judge Beverly Johnson; and finally, Bahia.

I say Celeste can't act her way out of a matchbox, but she probably can. I think the women are all acting every moment of SGTL.

I keep thinking Bahia may be the reincarnation of Marlena Dietrich as far as attitude goes. She's aloof. During her commercial with Daisy Fuentes, pushing a phony fruit drink that Daisy doctored up to taste like hell on a pogo stick, Bahia was too sultry and sounded like she was in a night club or on her way to one, said judges. She also told Daisy that the drink was disgusting after the camera stopped rolling. The judges said that was unprofessional. Bahia was also the one who couldn't do the trapeze shoot in the previous episode because she has a heights phobia.

Bahia and Celeste won the week's leg-up challenge, which was the first challenge and involved doing an improv commercial for a fictitious card company. The prize was time with family members. Bahia's sister came and Celeste's husband showed up. Was anyone surprised that Celeste is married to what looks like a wealthy older white guy? I wasn't.

BTW, if you're a fan of Roxanne aka Roxy, who was eliminated episode before last along with Melissa, then she has a MySpace page at which she says she's getting ready for bigger things. It became apparent in this week's episode that the contestants and the judges thought Roxy may have a mental problem. (I peg her as a narcissist.) The contestants spent a little time talking about the freshly departed. Hope did an amusing imitation of Roxanne. I wonder if any of the finalists will imitate Hope next week now that she's gone.

If you've been reading past posts on the show here, then you know I think the She's Got the Look is full of fakery and may even be a complete set-up. Nevertheless, if you like the show and think you have what it takes to be America's next top over-age-35 model, then here's the email address, You can write and request an application.

According to the website fans wrote in droves and requested a second season. Sounds like PR hooey to me, but you never know. Some people are both desperate and gullible.

FYI: Wilhelmina Models, one of SGTL's producers and the company awarding the modeling contract, is also doing a mother-daughter model search with Family Circle Magazine. Here's a link about that.

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