Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spoiler, West Coast: SYTYCD Top 12 Show Results Now

And now it's a Top 10. The bottom three of the Top 12 were Will and Jessica, Comfort and Thayne, and Twitch and Kherington on So You Think You Can Dance. I was kind of surprised that Jessica and Will were in the bottom three because I figured Mia Michaels' comments to Jessica last night would raise lots of sympathy votes. I also thought their "Adam & Eve" performance would be enough to overcome the less than adequate Quickstep.

Maybe Mia's comments worked to make people think Jessica's a really bad dancer and Will's too good for her. That added to the judges repeatedly calling Jessica inferior to Will could have caused enough inner turmoil in some people to stop them from voting for the couple. As I said in last night's post, I like Mia, but I thought what she said to Jessica was harsh.

Comfort's solo was much better than her last two solos, but she went home. I've been saying she needed to step it up. The judges opted to keep Jessica instead; however, they weren't impressed with Jessica's solo, they said. They also kept Kherington. That girl's got a light shining in her.

Nigel said they wished they could've kept all three "boys" and eliminated two of the girls, but the rules didn't allow it. That's how much they believed in Thayne, who Nigel said will be working with Mia Michaels in the future. Thayne is a wonderful dancer, but the judges had to send him home. They saved Twitch and Will.

Debbie Allen was in the audience. She's Will's mentor, and if he's voted off, she can be a judge on the show again. Right now it's a conflict of interest.

Here's the YouTube video of Will and Jessica's Adam and Eve contemporary routine by Tyce D'Orio. I loved it, but maybe some viewers didn't like it at all.

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