Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD, Spoiler Warning, Top 10 Elims

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance we had a bottom four -- two guys and two girls, or as Cat Deeley says, "gulls." Will and Katee both looked grateful to be safe, as did Twitch and Chelsie.

Did Chelsie accidentally kiss Comfort on the mouth when she heard the news she was safe? It looked like an accident as Chelsie turned to grab Comfort and possibly kiss her on the cheek. Chelsie heard she was in the top three, and after the brush with Comfort, hugged and kissed Courtney, Katee, and Kherington on the cheek. The other girls waited to receive news of their own fates. As Chelsie left the stage, she wiped her mouth.

I hope it was only an annoyance at the make-up taste that caused this reaction or maybe hair in the mouth. Ordinarily, this kind of thing is not important to me, but I know somebody will be wondering about the kissing.

BTW, here's video of Will and Katee's Pas de Deux, which was choreographed by Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden. The video also includes the Desmond/Dwight clip.

Comfort and Kherington landed in the bottom two for the girls, while Mark and Gev dropped to the bottom for the guys. I'm not surprised about either, even though I really enjoyed Mark's solo last night.

After Comfort's solo tonight, Mary said if Comfort got to stay and danced each number the way she danced HipHop last night with Twitch, then she'd be around for a long time. Lil C said his heart beats faster when he watches Comfort dance.

Lil C told Mark, who did a wonderful solo as usual, that he should keep doing what he's doing. Mary also praised the contemporary dancer.

Kherington's solo seemed to reflect the frustration of the competition to me. She smiled her beautiful smile afterward, but the solo seemed to be that of a woman dancing out anguish. Lil C assured her that the judges did not hate her, due to a comment Kherington made last night after the first critique.

Mary said she thought after Vegas Kherington was in the bottom 20, but that Kherington's performances over the weeks proved her wrong, and Mary was surprised that she was in the bottom two this evening. Nigel said she's not only a good dancer, but she also has "film star looks." I said in a previous post that Kherington seems to have a light inside her.

Lil C said he always roots for the little guy, which is why he roots for Gev, who he said dances with a lot of heart. Cat reminded us that Gev is a street dancer, and then Mary praised him. Nigel said that Gev has a unique ability and great charisma.

Gev, whose solo was a bit wonky last night to me, was eliminated tonight. The audience voted Kherington off as well.

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Unknown said...

This is so funny to me because I was going to write up the elimination in my blog. But then I thought - that is not something my niche audience would be interested in (well maybe it is, hell I just started blogging I don't know).

SYTYCD - is so much my guilty pleasure actually not guilty at all. I love to dance and love watching dancing (except dancing with the stars I have never been able to get into that). As a matter of fact this show inspired me to take dance classes.

Anyhow, keep posting I may miss the show one week and need to catch up!