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SYTYCD, Top 10: The Return of Comfort

What did I miss? How did Comfort Fedoke get back on So You Think You Can Dance? As it turns out, Jessica King, who the judges saved last week instead of Comfort, suffered a mysterious injury and left the show.

I say mysterious because Nigel Lythgoe and the other judges would not talk about it, per an LA Times Blog post:
"I've been instructed not to talk about the injury, I have to say," Lythgoe said. When a reporter continued asking for details, he said, "You have a law here that says I cannot discuss the injury," and that he wanted to change the subject.
(LA Times)
So, tonight, Comfort and Twitch danced the waltz, and Comfort said she was more shocked than anyone to find herself back on the show. I'm glad she's gotten another chance, but I'm sorry not to see see whether Jessica would have done better with a dancer other than Will Wingfield.

Mary said Courtney and Twitch's waltz performance lacked power and would not cut it. Nigel didn't like it either, said it wasn't strong enough for top ten dancers, but he thought the lift was great.

For their second dance, however, the pair pulled Dave Scott and HipHop. Since they're both HipHop dancers they were expected to kill that easy. Lil C. declared it "buck," a place where artistry meets physical expression, he said. He thought it was the best he's seen of Comfort. The judges liked this much more than the waltz. Mary bowed to Twitch. Nigel said it didn't looked choreographed, which is a compliment to dancers and choreographer.

Nigel also said, "I hope Jessica feels well-represented tonight," because Comfort did a great job with the HipHop routine. The judges thought she really "stepped up."

About everyone else

Tonight the old couples passed away and the dancers mixed it up with new partners, so, we're into audience power. Who comes and who goes now on So You Think You Can Dance depends totally on folks calling in to vote. The dancers, while dancing with partners, also each have solos, and the audience will vote for individuals from now on, not couples.

Kherington and Mark
danced the Country Two-Step. I know there are folks down here who loved that. Nigel thought Kherington was leading too much and didn't trust Mark. Maybe she misses Twitch, but she can't blame Mark since he's shown he knows how to partner through his dancing with Chelsie.

I enjoyed their second routine, a jazz number choreographed by Tyce D'Orio, more than the Country Western. Judges, however, weren't really feeling it.

Courtney pulled Joshua from the hat and Joshua selected HipHop. They danced a routine by Dave Scott based on a mad scientist creating a woman. Scott did the choreography for You Got Served, some other dance movies, and he's also appeared on another dance show.

Courtney and Joshua also danced a slow Rumba, choreographed by Jean Marc Genereaux. Guest judge Lil C. said he might need his asthma pump after that. He thought Joshua's male dominance was right-on tight, and Courtney was elegant. He said eloquent I think, though. Mary loooved it. Nigel thought it was possible Joshua was a little "too butch," but told Joshua some women like that, so don't worry.

Katee and Will danced a Tyce D'Orio Broadway routine to "You're Rocking the Boat." All the judges thought it was great, and the pair even got a Mary scream. Mary called Katee's cute as a button. The judges gave no harsh critiques of her work the way they did Jessica when she danced with Will. The three liked it, including guest judge Christoper A. Toler, aka Lil C and The King of Krump.

For their second dance, Katee and Joshua danced ballet, a Pas de Deux (Step of Two), choreographed by, OMG, Desmond Richardson with Dwight Rhoden from Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company. Nigel paused to say that Desmond is one of the greatest ballet dancers alive.

Now, I hope y'all remember that there was a time that dance aficionados used to say black folk could not dance ballet. They claimed African bodies weren't right for ballet, that black folk couldn't produce the proper lines.

Will and Katee danced to "Imagine" by American Idol's David Archuletta. The judges drooled, and again remarked on their technical expertise.

Gev and Chelsie
matched up for a contemporary piece by Sonya. Nigel thought Gev wasn't as into dancing with Chelsie as he used to be with Courtney. Do these judges say stuff just to get an audience reaction? For their second number Chelsie and Gev danced a Jive by Jean Marc. Chelsie was a little firecracker out there. Oh, to be young and appear to have endless energy with fantastic flexibility.

As far as the solos went, I enjoyed Mark's and Joshua's solos the most.

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