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Top 8 SYTYCD: Judges Call it A Great Night

Will and Courtney matched up tonight with a Samba choreographed by Jean Marc Genereaux on So You Think You Can Dance. They danced to "I Fell in Love with the DJ" by Che Nelle.

They did well enough for Nigel to say he felt the night would be great; however, he acknowledged the dancers may have been too focused at times on being technically correct, which means he could see them thinking. He also said, "The guys on this show all look like they're out of the movie 300." At least one judge a week comments on Will's muscles. Mary liked it also, but she said Will's runs were not technically right. Courtney got a scream. Is this the first time we've seen Will get a criticism specifically and not his partner as well?

Will and Courtney's second number was a slow HipHop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon to "Like You'll Never See Me Again" by Alicia Keys (I always think of Prince when I hear that song. If imitation is the greatest compliment, then Keys gave Prince the highest.) The judges all liked it. Mary faked them out by sounding like the performance did not meet expectations at first, but then she screamed that they blew her away. Like the song they danced to, the background on the choreography was loss of a lover. Oh, what a pull on the heartstrings!

Katee and Twitch
danced together tonight, and Katee said that they're old friends who knew each other before SYTYCD. The two performed a Mia Michaels routine based on a boyfriend and ex-girlfriend to the song "Mercy" by Duffy. The man played it cool while the woman went sort of nuts, begging to be taken back. The long, hot kiss had the audience screaming. Twitch tossed Katee through a door at one point. She was a woman who had trouble letting go of their love.

Passionate stuff, yes, but you know, we love to romanticize these psycho relationships in songs, movies, and books that end with people tossing each other through doors, but in real life they suck. Furthermore, it's really not love, it's obsession and at least one person involved suffers from seriously low self-esteem. Somebody may end up in jail or at the very least, bruised and in long-term therapy. The fights and sex do make for captivating stories, however.

Nigel said it was hard to critique the dancing in Twitch and Katee's first routine, but the performance was "fantastic!" He also said again, "You've got to wonder what goes through Mia Michaels' head?" The pair did their best, he added, performed brilliantly, and it's one of the best performances with characters they've seen on the show. (He also in jest made some suggestive comments about he and Mary having a passionate relationship like the one in the dance routine, but unlike Katee's character who was banging on the door to come in, Mary wanted out of the room.) Mary said Katee and Twitch are some of the best dancers on the show.

Okay, all the judges loved it. Tonight's show featured guest judge and choreographer Toni Basil of "Oh, Mickey" fame. For some reason I don't pay much attention to what she says.

For their second performance, Twitch and Katee did Broadway, choreographed by Tyce D'Orio, and again the background was a woman chasing a man, but without the angst and stalking flavor of the Mia Michaels number. They danced to "Sweet Georgia Brown." Katee looks great in red. It was a fun number. The judges enjoyed the routine as well.

Nigel said Twitch is the least trained dancer in the show who rises to every challenge he's given. He said Katee hasn't done one routine this season that he hasn't enjoyed her doing. Mary said it was well-matched and that she couldn't remember a night when the show had seen so many good numbers. Toni Basil said Twitch, coming from the street, dances from the inside out and brings more realism to his dancing. She thought that Katee's movement could have been deeper and rougher to match the "Sweet Georgia Brown" gritty vocal. It was a mild criticism because she otherwise thought the performance was wonderful.

Mark and Comfort danced Hip Hop first, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon to "Party People" by Nellie and featuring Fergie. The two dancers came out pretty hard from those desk to me, and I liked the flip when Comfort went up over Mark's head vertically. Watching their attitudes and maybe Mark's looks, I kept thinking of the movie Blackboard Jungle. No complaints on the number here, and the judges said they nailed it.

When I heard that Comfort and Mark had a Fox Trot for their second routine, I figured they'd be in trouble, probably the first dancers of the night to get low marks from the judges. The Fox Trot is difficult. Jean Marc choreographed the routine to the song "Lady Luck," and they needed luck for sure.

Nigel said Lady Luck walked from the room when Mark and Comfort drew the Fox Trot. He thought it was too placed, amateurish, and that they lacked chemistry during the performance. Mary liked Jean Marc's choreography, but did not think dancers did a good job. She didn't like the transitions and called it all one of the worst she's ever seen. Toni Basil also said it was "recital"-like, but at least they had that HipHop routine.

The two young dancers are desperate not to end up in the bottom again, but based on their Fox Trot, that's where they may find themselves tomorrow night.

Dimitri Chaplin from SYTYCD season 2 came back to choreograph an Argentine Tango, and Chelsie and Joshua, two firecrackers, performed it. The choreography reflected a love-hate relationship, as I suppose most Tangos do in a way. They danced to "A Los Amigos." Lots of spinning, heavy breathing, staring into each other's eyes, and of course, fancy footwork. They made it look easy, and Cat Deeley called it "foot flirting."

Nigel liked their Tango, but took its moment to tell Joshua, "You do have the biggest bum in the competition." Apparently he and Mary have discussed Joshua's bulbous behind. Nigel also said the choreography used Joshua's strength and Chelsie's legs.

Mary told Joshua that he set the mood for all it. She said he committed and his flicks were believable from the start. To Chelsie she said the chemistry was better for this Tango than when Chelsie danced it with Mark. It was sexier this time in Mary's opinion, and she put them on her hot tamale train. Toni Basil liked it too. Her only criticism was she saw hands that looked like "Jazz 101" once, she said.

Disco popped up choreographed by Doriana Sanchez for Joshua and Chelsie's second routine. They danced to "Everlasting Love" by Gloria Estefan, an oldie but goodie remake. It was not as good as their first number to me, and I don't remember booty popping in Disco the way they did it tonight. I should, if it was hot back then because I was in the club plenty back in the day.

Nigel mentioned Joshua's strength again, and was amazed at how well Joshua did what Nigel called the superman lift with the straight presage on the hips. He said that Joshua had the strength, but Chelsie had the courage to be thrown about while keeping proper form. Nigel also said the judges drew a breath at the end because it looked like Chelsie was going to hit her head. Mary said Chelsie lands well, better than the other female dancers, and she danced her body's "full tilt."

Basil thought they pulled together the spirit of Disco, but Joshua's lines weren't as long as preferred. Cheslie, however, Basil said, "had the lines."


Comfort made better use of the stage tonight with her solo. She has a tendency to stay in one area of the stage, but tonight spread herself better. I guess she's thinking more about stepping it up. Nigel said later during the show that Comfort doesn't do enough choreography steps in her solos, but thinks she does a great job with steps in her duos. She thanked her parents during her profile for sending her to a school where she received some dance technique training.

Did Will's solo time seem to go by too fast? I wanted to see more because I liked it. He came out in a wig dancing to "Get Up Off of That Thing" by James Brown and looking a lot like Prince, who sometimes imitates James Brown. Cat Deeley got on her knees and bowed to him. The judges gave him a standing ovation. Will said he was inspired to take dance classes after seeing Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. He told his mom what he wanted and she enrolled him in a class. Later, Debbie Allen, saw him perform and invited him to be in play. He became a student at her dance academy.

Katee danced her solo to "Taking Chances" by Celine Dion. It was fine. Mark's solo showed his quirkiness. Very interesting to watch.

Chelsie said she started dancing when she was 9 to overcome shyness. Tonight her solo, danced to Damage by Danity Kane. Ten years later (the show acknowledged her nineteenth birthday.), no sign of shyness.

Joshua said he got in trouble one day in school for dancing, but the same teacher, Ms. Wyatt, who sent him to the office, also sent a note to his parents asking permission for him to audition for the play Pepito. What can I say? Joshua's great to watch, as is Courtney, who danced her solo to the song "Where I Stood" by Missy Higgins. (Uh, I was busy watching Joshua and forgot the song he chose for his solo.)

Twitch said he didn't start taking dance seriously until high school when he decided to audition for his school's dance team in Alabama. He spent nine months in South Korea, he said, teaching dance and choreographing videos. His mom and brother were in the audience. My daughter roots for Twitch all the time. I admit he's very entertaining, and tonight's solo was no less than that. His choreography skills show.

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