Saturday, July 12, 2008

When did you first realize being a woman was a disadvantage and what did you do about it?

Perhaps after the sexism in media coverage of Hillary Clinton's campaign or the nasty attacks on Michelle Obama, my ears perked up more eagerly this morning at the BBC Radio interview of Cherie Blair, wife of Great Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair. She considers herself an advocate of women's rights and didn't realize until she became a member of the Bar in Great Britain that being a woman could hold her back.

The interviewer, Owen Bennett-Jones, introduced her as "a woman who's been vilified in the British press, but who insists she's been misunderstood, a lawyer and a judge." Blair recently released her autobiography, Speaking for Myself.

In another inteview about the book with NDTV's Rachna Prasad, Britain's former First Lady says that her autobiography is not a political book, but a woman's book. She says it's a book about one woman's journey over 50 years who ... Continue reading full post at

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Hey there!

I was never taught to believe that being a woman (or being black, for that matter) would put me at a disadvantage....

I am interested in hearing what others will say about this question!

Thanks for initiating this dialogue!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!