Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Would You Hide Your Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace Page?

facebook phobiaWhat's the number one reason people hide their Twitter, Facebook, MySpace pages and sometimes their blogs? Don't answer here. Instead, please take the Secret Agent poll at this link. (Scroll down a tad and look to your left on the sidebar.)

Partially inspired by this CNN article about friending your boss on Facebook, the poll gives you an option of five answers. However, this subject has been on my mind for a while because I went through a period of flying under the radar online after three years of being highly visible. I hid as best I could for multiple reasons and came back for practical and artistic reasons.

I know an attorney who thinks anyone who has a page online for any reason other than attracting clients is an idiot asking for trouble. Perhaps he has Facebook phobia, which is an idea from an article on that subject at The Robert Ullman drawing featured here comes from that piece.

The polls answer choices are pretty light. If you want to say more on this subject, then add a comment to this post please.

TAKE the POLL NOW: Click here.


William F. DeVault said...

Living pretty much above the line, even when people with weapons, summonses and collection notices have come looking for me, I don;t really understand why someone would take the trouble to build a page then hide it...then again, maybe I do. I have all sorts of jackals and jackasses who create fraudulent IDs just to try and get close to me.

We want to be heard, we just want to control the audience, I guess, as there are a lot of persons who turns that around and engage in virtual heckling and vandalism.

Peanut Road said...

By having an 'open' online presence, I feel I actually have control (well, some anyway) over the information about myself. I can't see the point at all to hiding my pages or only letting 'friends' know about or see them. I want new friends!

And I want them to like me and buy my stuff! :)

achoiceofweapons said...

I built my page for artistic reasons and my friend got tired of hearing me x-itch on all things political so he suggested I write it!

I use my pen/performance name and don't post a personal photo. Too many nutz that can't handle an opposing viewpoint.