Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starbucks Clumsiness Leads to Wedding Bells

Just saw this story on the local news and it sounds like something out of a romance novel or at least the result of a using your feminine wiles as mom taught you. No offense to the bride, age 47, and not saying she was anything other than clumsy, but those of us from the old school have heard this tactic before: Spill something on a man so you can meet him. Way back when it was drop your hankie, but we ladies no longer carry those. A cup of coffee will do.

That's exactly what one North Carolina woman did, she spilled coffee on a man, age 54, in her local Starbucks and now she's Mrs. Tortorice:
The wedding couple met at the coffee shop in March 2008, when they literally bumped into each other, Strain spilling her coffee all over her soon-to-be boyfriend. They had talked about getting married on a cruise ship, but the more they looked into it, the more of an organizational hassle it looked to be. So they decided to get hitched at the spot where their lives were changed forever. (The News & Observer)
The couple married yesterday, on Valentine's Day. Before the day they met, neither one of them had ever been in a Starbucks, and both were recently divorced after long marriages.

Interesting. Following my divorce I bumped into a couple of men who'd been recently divorced and who suggested we get married. Uh, no thank you. And they meant it because about a year later, I got notes from each of them saying they had found a new lover and married her.

My ex seemed sure I'd remarried. Just one more sign that he didn't know me at all.

I've never bumped into a man on purpose, and as I said maybe the new Mrs. Tortorice didn't do so on purpose either. Whatever, it's a romantic tale.

Here's a link to photos, and The News & Observer has a longer story at this link.

Coincidentally, The San Diego Examiner has a different wedding tale for Valentine's Day about another couple that met in Starbucks. It's a bout a single mom who pined after a man she met in Starbucks for five years who said he didn't want a woman with a child but later changed his mind. The shocker for this story is that the couple decided to practice abstinence while dating. You can read that here.

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Laura Lee Carter said...

Hey Verite, I'm with you! No jumping back into marriage when you just FINALLY got out of one! That is always a mistake in the humble opinion of the Midlife Crisis Queen! I don't care why they ran into each other, what's the rush to tie the knot again? Please spend sometime getting reacquainted with yourself before you invite some new stranger into your life! You may have changed quite a bit since you last said "I DO" We can only hope so!
-The Midlife Crisis Queen