Friday, February 27, 2009

Watermelon Email Mayor Grose Resigns?

Lisa aka Blue State Cowgirl at LeftCoastCowboys, who lives in Califoria and was livid about Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose sending out the watermelon on the White House lawn email, just informed me that Grose has resigned. I checked out that story, and it's true, Mayor Grose says he will resign.

Electronic Village has already posted the news, noting that Grose is "obviously ... a liar."

Via the AP, The San Jose Mercury News reports the following:
Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose issued a statement Thursday saying he is sorry and will step down as mayor at Monday's City Council meeting. (MN)
I and many other bloggers blasted Grose's grossly racist behavior. You can read my old post at this link.

His intention to resign is good news, but get ready, people. Certain white people will be crying in the street that their right to free speech has been violated because Grose was pressured to resign. After years of accusing minority groups of "playing the victim," racists and various hate groups now cry foul, blaming Obama for the economy, for one thing.

However, one well-known hate group sympathizer started the blame the Obama campaign much earlier. On November 9th, not even a full week after Obama was elected, talk show host Rush Limbaugh was calling the economic crisis "the Obama recession,." Still, some people claim this man is just an entertainer despite his admission that he works at inspiring hate because it boosts ratings.

He and others like him are experts at pushing the fear button on certain whites. I heard on a news show an older white woman saying she's afraid and believes "the Negroes feel emboldened by Obama." What does it take to get through to such a person, education or intense phobia therapy?

I'm not trying to bring people down who are opening bottles of champagne that Grose is on the way out. His potential resignation is worth a toast in our not-even-close-to-post-racial society. I count Grose's resignation as a thin, silver lining, however, in a huge, ugly cloud.

In the past, I've likened the racist's mentality to that of the domestic abuser. If I'm on the right track in seeing the similarity, then it's to be expected that rabid racists will escalate with a black president in office. In domestic violence cases, the abuser always escalates his violence and attempts to control when it appears his control of the abused is slipping away.

The struggle against racism is not the kind of war one group can win alone. So, I thank people from other cultures and ethnic backgrounds who decided to shout Grose down. It's said that evil happens when good people do nothing. May the good folk stand.


Dawn Fortune said...

I have a friend who says "embrace the backlash. It means you hit a nerve."
Stupid racist crap like the watermelon picture are just the backlash against real progress that progressives in America are making. The key is for us to not give up, to keep the pressure on, and to hold that bullshit up for the world to see it and denounce it. We ARE making progress.

Lisa Paul said...

Since I'm White and live in a progressive city (or at least we like to think it is), I'm not going to pretend that I have a real handle on what level of racism is out there.

But I'm going to try to make a positive spin on this. The fact that idiotic bigots like Grose -- and San Francisco's own classist bigot Stephen Fowler of Wife Swap infamy -- have been so roundly shouted down by the Blogosphere, says to me that there is a sea change here. I think people are growing tired of hating and division -- or at least being emboldened to stand up and condemn such actions.

If we can look at the Internet as an instant temperature gauge of America, I think America is turning a corner. I think Americans, at their best, hate bullies. That's all a bigot is. And I think America is stepping forward to some extent and saying, "We won't tolerate this behavior any more."

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