Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol Results: Top 13 (Spoilers)

jasmine murray and jorge nunze sent home american idolIf you get your news online, then you probably knew last night that Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West would appear on tonight's American Idol results show. And they did. Clarksson performed "My Life Would Suck without You" while West performed "Heartless."

The contestants' opening group number was "I Want You Back," a Jackson Five old school classic in keeping with them doing Michael Jackson songs last night. It struck me as kind of hokey, like I'd been thrown into a time warp or something watching "Up With the People" do the J-5.

Announced tonight, a new rule. Up until the top 5, the judges can save a contestant just once by unanimous vote (meaning the judges have one save for the whole season), but if they use that vote to save a contestant one week then the following week two people will be voted off. Ryan Seacrest suggested that the new rule could prevent mistakes like a Chris Daughtry being voted off too soon. Other names came to mind for me, Jennifer Hudson, Tamyra Gray from Season One. So, I guess AI no longer wants to risk a contestants future on America's votes alone.

The other non-contestant news was the show's new good-bye tune by Carrie Underwood called "Home Sweet Home."

Jasmine Murray, 16, apparently was in the bottom two three in the votes because she had to sing for the judges again. They didn't save her and so she was the first to be sent home. And there were tears. Jasmine could do well on the Disney Channel though, I think.

Kanye performed between eliminations. I kind of like the chorus of Kanye's song. Generally I pray for Kanye. He seems to have issues, more than most. And I kept wondering what was holding up his pants. The back seemed to be slumping under his butt cheeks, which is nothing against Kanye. I marvel that young men who wear pants slung low can even walk.

It looked like Anoop Desai and Jorge Nunez would both have to sing for their salvation, reminiscent of dance for your life on So You Think You Can Dance, because they were both called down to await the final decision. Naturally, the show prolonged the drama for a segment.

Ryan called her the original American Idol when he introduced Kelly Clarkson, and she performed before the final elimination as part of the show's plan to bring back a former AI each week. I don't know what she was wearing but it made her look pregnant; however, the singer says she has no intention of having children and would not make a good mother. As annoyed as I was that Tamyra Gray was voted off Idol in season one, I've never said Kelly Clarkson didn't deserve to be a star. The girl's got pipes and seems to have worked hard to craft herself as an artist. She performed well tonight.

The boys did not have to sing. Anoop was safe and Jorge Nunez had to sing for the judges. He seemed more relaxed tonight than he did last night. The females in the audience and at the judges' table really got into him. Guilt, I suppose since Kara and Paula had to know they'd already voted against saving him.
  • So, Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez went home.
  • My Recap of Tuesday night's show.
  • Elisa Camahort's take on Tuesday's show. Elisa doesn't do a recap of the show with lots of talk about what the judges said, etc. She gives her opinions, which I like reading, and says who she thinks should get voted off. Here's one on Megan Joy with a little Anoop Desai thrown in:
    Megan sang Rockin' Robin
    I do not get the Megan fan club they've got going on. Her voice is mediocre, and her mannerisms are unbearable. This was truly awful and dreadful. She and Anoop should elope to Vegas and merge their awfulness. Vegas would appreciate it. Listen, I'm not even buying that she's that unique. But if she IS unique, it's that she is UNIQUELY BAD. Please let her go home. Please? (EC)
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CraigJC said...

American Idol used to be my crack about 2 years ago. The new set i've just not gotten into. I'm still waiting on Fantasia to take over the music world.

Vérité Parlant said...

I go throw phases with Idol. I may even have a pattern of one year on, one year off.

Marvalus said...

I think AI peaked for me the season that Fantasia won...I was so mad the season after that (is that the season Taylor Hicks won? If so, that's it) because I am a huge fan of Elliott him!

But this year? I don't know what they are trying to do because I only have my eye on three of this years idols: Adam Lambert (because he seems like he could walk out of there now and land a deal...I don't get why he needs Idol), Danny Gokey (he's my this year's Elliott), and Lil (I'm waiting on her to have Fantasia's Summertime moment)...

Good write up...

Vérité Parlant said...

We've got the same three, Marvalus. But I wouldn't be surprised if that girl, Iraheta, is a dark horse.