Friday, March 13, 2009 Is Freaking Hilarious

I've laughed my arse off looking at these students' exam answers and their teachers' comments in response. It's
funny exams

Immoral Matriarch told me about this site via Twitter. Click the image to visit the site.


le0pard13 said...

My wife and I couldn't stop laughing over some of these! Great stuff.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Vérité Parlant,

I actually didn't know how funny, funny can get. After laughing at quite a few I thought, "Wait a minute these are children in an academic environment".

It's funny today but will they always be the punchline of a joke?


Vérité Parlant said...

What intrigued and sometimes saddened me, U, is that some of those students are quite bright and are yanking the teacher's chain which is a sign of rage at the system and boredom.

Our schools, especially public schools, have focused so much on identifying students that are struggling low achievers (and not doing a very good job of helping them most times) that some of our brighter students who need direction and a more flexible, creative curriculum are not being challenged.

My mother had a fourth grader once who gave all the other teachers trouble; so, they put the kid in her class because unlike some teachers she didn't send "problem" children to the office. She handled it. She said he would come up to her with a worksheet or test and ask, "How many of these do I have to get right to pass." She'd tell him and he'd return the paper to her with only that many questions answered, all correct, but no more than the minimum to pass. It was like school was a waste of his time. So, she found something else for him to do in her class, higher level books or something. I don't remember what, but his parents were grateful.

My own daughter became so bored in her 4th grade class that she'd come home angry, but she didn't act out at school because she knew that was unacceptable. She had a teacher who had a rule that no student could work ahead of the class, so if you finished your work on page 100, you couldn't go to page 101. If you did, the teacher would mark page 101 with an "F." You just had to sit and wait.

Problem was my daughter had already completed the same exact 4th grade math book the year before in the 3rd grade. At first the administrator took the teacher's side. But later, after he took a look at my daughter's test grades that arrived from her previous school in another state, he worked with an education specialist to create a unique curriculum for her and excused her from the other teacher's class for part of the day. I think it saved her and kept her from being turned off to school.

As for the students whose papers are on that site, I think some of them will be fine, but some of them we have to worry about.

leOpard13, yes, and the teacher's comments to some of the work is even funnier.

msladyDeborah said...


I read just one paper. It was about the founding of America. It was definitely the product of a creative and confused mind!

The material on the site would be a good teaching tool for parents. A good reality slap might help someone realize that they need to get involved in their child's education.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good afternoon Vérité Parlant,

I appreciate your comment and the link to Aberjhani. I've just begun writing (October '08) so I'm really just beginning to have a level of comfort with it. I acknowledge I have much to learn but I'm willing and putting forth the effort. I can say without hesitation, "I love writing".

I'm not thinking about publishing at this point but I admit the thought intrigues and facinates me. Perhaps at some point that may happen during my journey. One lesson I've learned it that writer's write...everyday. So I write something, anything each day; even if I never post it to my blog.

I am happy that Ms. Lady Deborah provided a link to your blog. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

Hope you have a great weekend,