Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lie to Me: Do No Harm Episode Didn't Grab Me

I've written favorably about Fox's show Lie To Me in two other post, (1.) Emblematic Gestures & (2.) New Face of Racism. The show airs on Wednesday nights.

I won't be writing much about last Wednesday's show. "Do No Harm," Season 1, Episode 6, didn't have anything in it that grabbed me. Here's the recap from the site itself:
Lightman and Foster investigate the disappearance of an 11-year-old girl who may have been murdered. When she is eventually found, the girl refuses to reveal any information about the kidnapper. Lightman finds that she is protecting another victim that's currently being held by the same captor.

Meanwhile, Loker and Torres must determine whether a famous peace activist has lied about her meager upbringing and is who she claims to be in her bestselling memoir. This may jeopardize her global standing, but Loker's attraction to the socially conscious woman may be clouding his assessment of her.
Neither the kinds of lies nor the mystery was that compelling. I figured out who took the kid early in the show because the storyline was similar to ones seen on Law and Order or Without A Trace. Also, I figured out what the Ugandan woman was hiding. But people at rated the episode superb.

I will say that despite my figuring out the Ugandan woman's issue early, actress Christine Adams, pictured, did a good job playing the character Farida Mugisha.

The shows website continues to deserve high marks for supplemental content. I get a kick out of the liar facts like the one I saw posted today: "People are 44% more likely to like over email than when writing by hand."

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underOvr (aka The U) said...

I've never seen this program and I'm having a difficult time recalling what what happens to my life on Wednesday evenings. Either I'm having blackouts or it is a time when spontaneity temporarily rules.