Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ted Kennedy Tribute: The Prez and Stars Come Out

President Barack Obama was icing on Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy's belated birthday celebration and tribute Sunday night.
President Obama led a chorus of "Happy Birthday" for Sen. Ted Kennedy on Sunday night at the Kennedy Center, topping off a celebration of the senator's 77th birthday that featured a crowd of celebrities and political heavyweights. (CNN)
And Obama did a quick dance at the party similar to the one he did with Ellen Degeneres when he was running for office. It may be the only dance he knows other than the Waltz and slow drag. Mrs. Obama says she's a better dancer than her husband.

The senator's birthday was February 22.
First lady Michelle Obama and the state's other senator, John Kerry, sat with Kennedy and wife, Victoria, in a box overlooking the stage. The president also visited the senator there after his surprise appearance.

"Happy birthday, Teddy," said niece Caroline Kennedy, who joked: "I never thought I'd be in a room with so many senators." (CNN)
Caroline Kennedy presented her uncle with the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, a "prestigious award for public servants." As news sources report, it's an award the senator would usually present to others.

I was in a room with Sen. Kennedy about this time last year, close enough to touch him, with people who adore him. I applaud the senator for his work with healthcare reform, a subject on which I have strong feelings. His birthday seems like a sweet victory that even his opponents cheers, with the natural exception of canker-mouthed Rush Limbaugh. Kennedy suffers from aggressive brain cancer.

Some of the stars performing at the tribute, which was called "One Enchanted Evening," included singers James Taylor and Bernadette Peters, actress Lauren Bacall, and comedian Bill Cosby. (CBS coverage)


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