Tuesday, April 7, 2009

$357,000 Check Owner Suspicious of Good Samaritan

I'm wiped out tonight after the last few days of helping my elderly father with a project, and so I wanted a positive story. This story is upbeat on one hand because a woman, Talon Curtis , found a $357,000 cashiers check which the owner had endorsed, lying on the ground in the post office parking lot. A dishonest person could have found a way to cash it, but she decided to return it.

The downside is the owner didn't appreciate its return and questioned Curtis, it seems, as though the good Samaritan might be a crook. After some back and forth with the bank, Curtis was asked to mail the check back to its owner. So, KCAL Los Angeles, did not get what could have been a cool, tug-at-the-heartstrings meeting story for the cameras, just a black woman begging the owner of the check to meet her but being refused.

I don't know if the owner was afraid to come out, was ungrateful, or doesn't want people to know she has $357,000 (a reasonable privacy issue), but the bottom line is she didn't sound grateful but suspicious of Curtis's motives. I do wonder how KCAL got involved. Did Curtis call them? No answer on that. I may have to write some flash fiction later on the owner's mysterious resistance to being on camera, use real life as a writing prompt.


lilalia said...

In most countries she would get automatically a 10 % finders fee. Is it so where you are?

The woman who found the check looks very sympathetic and you'd think someone, if not the owner, would like to meet her and shake her hand and express their thanks.

Mary said...

Hi Verite, Ans: to your question: I really appreciate your question... good question...How did KCAL get involved. I used to work at Ch2/KCAL9 news in 2007. Talon solicited my help when she found the check. All of the work involved with the entire story fell upon me. The entire story was orchastrated by me. It was also my ideda to physically take the check to the bank due to I felt it would have gotten lost in the mail. I actually drove Talon to the bank to return the check. If I hadn't done the busy work, I'm not sure if the story would've turned out like it did. It was my idea to meet the owner, to make the story a beautiful story so that it wouldn't have a tarnished impact on Talon. That's why I stepped in and took charge, more importantly she asked for my help! The next day I was bombarded with telephone calls re: the story, I gave my very best to a friend whom I care for dearly. In the end I honestly wish there were more people like myself in the world! Everyone involved knows excatly how the story really went! Kudos to Talon!