Thursday, April 16, 2009

Author John Grisham, New Orleans, and writing life

From The New Orleans Literature Examiner:

New Orleans attracts writers, and you can count John Grisham, whose latest book is The Associate, among those. The attorney-turned-best-selling author lives a little less than six hours north of here, just shy of Memphis, Tenn., in Southaven, Miss.

If he drove from his town to NOLA, he'd have a straight shot down Interstate 55 to I-10. So, while he's never lived in New Orleans, it's not surprising that two of his blockbusters have NOLA connections.

The two are some of the oldies but goodies of any reputable Grisham collection, The ... Please read the full post as this link.


msladyDeborah said...

I just watched Grisham do an interview on Book TV. It was quite interesting because he was discussing his work around freeing wrongfully convicted prisoners.

He also discussed how his writing process worked.

Ironically I don't read Grisham's work. Perhaps I will have to get into his stories over the summer.

Vérité Parlant said...

Sounds like the Book TV interview was similar to his interview with Charlie Rose. Grisham's got a good sense of humor too, as seen in the Rose interview. He does not believe in the death penalty for moral reasons, he says, and strongly believes we have many people in prison who are innocent.