Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Erin Kotecki Vest on Crashing the Tea Party

Perhaps you've heard about right-wing, supposed "grassroots" protest against Obama taxation. They're having a tea-party protest, alluding to the Boston Tea Party, which protested taxation without representation.

I hate tax day, despise paper work, but otherwise feel blessed that I have enough income to pay taxes, and since I get to vote and therefore have representation, I only shake my head at this particular right-winger party. But I am sympathetic to middle-class families paying high property taxes, which has nothing to do with Obama. Still, sometimes we have to pay more taxes if we want better roads and schools. NOLA's school system could benefit from more property tax dollars.

Anyway, I was just at and saw Erin Kotecki Vest's post "Crashing the Tea Party." In it she references the Urban Dictionary's definition of "teabagging", and if that weren't enough, she used the following video.

All I can say is thanks for the laugh, Erin. She begins her post by saying "Fox News thinks ACORN is going to crash conservative Tea Parties."

I left the following comment:

So sad I'm laughing

As soon as Fox starts on ACORN it loses the kernel of credibility it has left. ACORN is more a threat to itself than anyone else.

Your whole post is a hoot. I just visited the urban dictionary, ROFLMAO.

And then the right wing complains that they're associated with racism as in "right wing extremist." Let's see, they see Fox as a conservative mouthpiece and Fox paints ACORN as a group of black liberal radicals trying to throw an election and beats us over the head with how much they loathe them. Fox claims it's fair when it covers the tea parties, but then tries to support the claim by saying it covered "the million man march," a black man's event and one that Fox actually was not around to cover. In essence, Fox tends to pit conservatives against groups that are perceived to be black groups. Mainstream conservatives eat it with a spoon and then still try to sell us that they aren't racially divisive.

I know taxes aren't about race, but I couldn't help notice who Fox conservative news heads like to imply is the American boogie man.

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I'm not sweating this tea party thing, but still wanted to share the laughter behind Erin's piece.


le0pard13 said...

The wingnut right appears to be throwing anything out there in hope that something sticks. Pity they can't seem to get their message, or terms, straight. In the same crowds today they had signs complaining about socialism and calling Obama a facist. I guess someone burned their dictionary.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, teabagging is a bit much! I had to laugh at that the other day when I realized what they meant after reading a tweet about it from Liz.

SjP said...

I agree with Leopard. I mean everywhere you turn there's something new. Its becoming really laughable. But, what is really sad is that all of these antics show just how ignorant so many Americans really are. I guess knowing history is just too much to ask because that would require reading a d*mn book!