Monday, April 27, 2009

Morphed by Mucha: Face of the Future at St. Andrews

A few years back, my friend William F. DeVault, tipped me on the facial transformation machine at St Andrews University in the United Kingdom. I elected to get morphed by painter Alfons Mucha because his transformation made me look the best. ;-)

But the Face of the Future program at St. Andrews can take any face-forward picture you upload and morph it for you. You can see how you'd look as a baby, as a teen, as the opposite gender, as an older person, an anime character, and if you were painted by a few famous artists such as Mucha. I morphed the same picture to a senior citizen and saw a picture that looked eerily like my own mother looking back at me.

The program is free! Click here and have fun (Update 2016: The transformer is now at another site, but the link here works). I checked and the site is still up and running. Try morphing your mate to a 70-year-old and see your future. O.K., maybe not the best use of your time.

I hadn't used my Mucha transformation in awhile, but I decided to dig it up and let it help promote my New Orleans Literature Examiner site because it's artsy with an ethereal look.

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