Saturday, April 4, 2009

National Cleavage Day and National Poetry Month in One Shot

Partly from the old post, "Belles, Boobs, and Vandals."
National Cleavage Day? I'm not sure of the exact day some celebrate the parting of breasts, but I heard about the day in email and then saw Denise at BlogHer publish a post on the day (link). While reading her thoughts, I remembered that in 2006 I had a poem about cleavage and a little essay as well that you may read here, "All About Our Assets". Both poem and essay are based on conversations with actual men, each making a request for his own needs but each having different needs.

Given that it's also National Poetry Month, a celebration that other bloggers are celebrating, such as U at Any Way I Have To with his first original poem "Baby", and writers, such as friend and fellow poet Aberjhani at The Red Room, I decided to dust off my old poem about breasts and take advantage of synergy, National Poetry Month and National Cleavage Day.

So, here's the poem, "Proposition Reviewed," written in 2006. You may follow the link to the commentary, "All About Our Assets," which discusses the power of cleavage, and visit Denise's post as well.

Proposition Reviewed
By Nordette Adams

The little line that blows your mind
separates two plump dreams divine,
but from the tongue whose eyes see only jugs,
the taste remains denied.

I am one who chooses to meld with the sublime a man
who would take his reason and wrap my rhyme with
core-pleasing soul songs--wine
and dine my spirit with heart currency.

I demand time.

Boobs/boors crave to shine my fruit with
drops of dreams ecstatic,
but I cannot bare myself to the seed of ignorance
nor let fools plunge their egos between these objects of desire.

Love and wisdom are required.

© Copyright 2006 Nordette Adams

Originally posted, unedited, at the defunct blog Confessions of a Jersey Goddess, January 2006 with comments from both men and women which have been archived here.

The comments were posted at another dead blog, NOLA, C'est Tout Bon, under the title "Belles, Boobs, and Vandals," a play on the movie title Bell, Book & Candle, and linked to this commentary "All About Our Assets." A poem by Sage Sweetwater sparked the commentary, causing me to recall an incident from my marriage.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Nordette,

I read this and understand what a talent you are. This is sexy, coy and provacative without being overt; there's a confidence and attitude too.

I like it; quite entertaining.

I'd never heard of National Cleavage Day (but then, there are many things I am discovering I haven't heard of).

Thanks so much for sharing your gift.


Sage Sweetwater said...

Hi Nordette,

Happy National Cleavage Day and National Poetry Month! Yes, I do remember your comment to my poem Liquid Sculpture posted on Author Den way back in January of 2006. Your comment is nourishing and also revealing as to the controversial journey of women and their breasts throughout life's titillating moments, a chance for us to get back in "their" face and stick up for the power of cleavage and our breasts. Also, another thing, your headline on this blog "Whose Shoes are these anyway?" is in alignment as to what inspired me to write a recent poem posted on my Authors Den website, The Buffalo Rose. I know very well about my the good fitting boots on my feet, small, size 6, because "things don't grow in the shade!" My cleavage smiles. Here is the poem Liquid Sculpture in which you refer to as in reference in your old poem, Belles, Boobs, and Candles.

Liquid Sculpture

Mistress of
ringing celestial
dances her
way into the
fabric of her

She sits
draped in
a white
with a vee-neck
plunging to her
navel, hands
formed in the
sign of welcome
and peace.

Liquid sculpture
to soothe
the spirit in

Total eclipse
of the

Copyright 2006 Sage Sweetwater, firebrand lesbian novelist