Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama Puppy is in the White House (video)

Cross-posted with controversy at this link, "As the Tail Wags."

At long last comes the Obama puppy! He's 6 months old and his name is Bo. The name may pose a problem for some bloggers and some Obama opponents who insist on calling President Barack Obama "Bo," but isn't the little doggie cute?

obama puppy bo is Portuguese water dog
Previously I reported, along with others, that the Obama family had decided on a Portuguese Water Dog, and Bo is of that breed. President Barack Obama promised his daughters, Sasha and Malia, a puppy after he won the election in November, but it took some time to select one because FLOTUS Michelle Obama wanted the girls to adjust to life in the White House first. Also, Malia has asthma, and so the family needed a hypoallergenic dog.

Today news sources report that the puppy is at the White House, living with the Obamas. Earlier they said the pooch would arrive Tuesday.

So, Jay Leno, who asked the President in March what was taking so long with getting the puppy, can rest easy now with many other Americans who have been asking, "Where's the puppy?"

Despite the AP cracking down on bloggers for even quoting its stories and asking one of its own affiliates to not use AP videos, I think it's safe to use AP video here. It is embedabble from YouTube, and since it remains available, I guess its honchos are still debating having a YouTube channel. (Read about the AP flap here.)

The Bo photo comes from the official White House blog.


msladyDeborah said...

I feel that there was just too much attention paid to this particular situation. I personally could care less what type of dog the Obamas selected.

Granted Bo is a cutie! But there are just some things that need to be out of the public arena. Adding a family pet is a personal decision.

Vérité Parlant said...

This idea that they are example for every facet of humanity bugs me.