Friday, April 10, 2009

Old School Friday: If My Mama Only Knew

This week's theme for Old School Friday is "if my mama knew." If my mama only knew that while I was working at a local radio station I was approached by a Rick James roadie to join him and Rick's crew during and after the concert, she would've had a conniption because the guy was tall, fine, had on the funkiest boots and most beautiful long braids I had seen.

And then when she found out the kind of reputation Rick James nad his crew had, her head would have started spinning around. She would've been crying, "Where did I go wrong?" But my mom would have rested easy when she found out I turned him down.

Not at first though. At first I said yes. I was nineteen and he was grinning at me and I was grinning at him (he was probably in his late 20s) but when I went with him to the parking lot to get my backstage pass and saw his big "decked out" luxury van, my little voice started screaming at me, "Girl, you know you're out of your league." So, I backed out of going. In honor of that memory, here's "You and I" by Rick James (if you listen the band follows with "Mary Jane" as its second song.)

If my mom had also seen me about six months later when I transferred to Hampton University and went to my first toga party and did "the freak" with the man who would end up marrying me, she would have lectured me to death about how I needed to be a lady and not act like what she called "a common woman."

Here's "Freak Out!" by Chic. Telling any more for this week's theme would be TMI offense.

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SjP said...

No way - no how can you go wrong with Rick James for this week's OSF. LOL

Pop Art Diva Enterprises said...

Lady, you have iron will not to follow that hot guy on a Rick James tour!

You got to do a Toga Party? I so wanted to be in the Latin club and go to a Toga party when I was a kid. My sister, Patty, did that in high school but by the time I got there they had taken Latin out of the curriculum and didn't teach it in college either. Lucky you!

Thanks for indulging my Wild Peep Murder Mystery post, just having a little fun with the holiday!

Marvalus said...

Girl, you got saved by that voice in your head! Ain't no telling what kinda mess you would have...nevermind, I'm sure you can use your own imagination.

Rick James on a If My Mama Only Knew OSF!? Pshaw...LOL...

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, girl, you have a real story to tell! LOL Thank goodness for your "little voice." Many a young lady has been saved from certain danger (and, prolly, a little fun too) by listening and heeding that voice.

I love love loved Rick James. He deserves more than being a punch line in a Dave Chappelle skit...

Happy OSF!

Revvy Rev said...

Chic one of my all time fave groups and song Freak as well. Glad you listened to your inner compass. Never know where the roadie road would have taken you.Happy OSF VP!

msladyDeborah said...

You're a good woman Verite Parlant!
I don't know if I would of resisted hanging with Rick James and his crew.

Chic was one of my faves during my gotta dance days.

Great choices for OSF!
Have a good weekend!

Vérité Parlant said...

Yeah, I probably would've been one turned out little girl if I had gone. I was listening to "You and I" again and noting what a good time Rick and his band have singing the line "all can go to helllllllll!"


Vérité Parlant said...

No, Deborah, not good ... chicken! :-)

Unknown said...

Boy do I remember those days~
I still play "SummerNight" (by Chic) over and over on my ipod like I did with my LP!!!

Old School Fridays said...

OMG! He could have kidnapped you and tied you up, and did all sort crazy things to you. Lord bless, I'm so glad you followed your instinct.

Wasn't he arrested for some sick sick stuff.

He use to scare me, probably cause I was much younger and didn't understand the hair and tight pants!