Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 9 Becomes Top 8, American Idol (West Coast Spoilers)

bottom 3 american idol top 9 eliminationsBefore either Lady Gaga or David Cook performed on tonight's American Idol elimination show, host Ryan Secrest divided the final nine into three groups: (1.) Kris Allen, Megan Joy, and Matt Giraud (2.) Adam Lambert, L'il Rounds, and Alison Iraheta and (3.) Scott MacIntyre, Danny Gokey, and Anoop Desai. These groups meant absolutely nothing.

Megan Joy was in the bottom three! Surprise, so was the youngest contestant, Alison Iraheta. Finally, Anoop Desai, which was expected given his poor performance last night. Simon said only one of the bottom three was worth saving through the judges' override. I'll guess he was thinking Alison Iraheta, but they didn't have to do that since she was safe. The girl's got great lungs, exceptional potential and star quality at 16.

Lady Gaga performed "Poker Face." Very theatrical and entertaining, but I was more interested in the return of idol David Cook.

Cook, according to news sources, canceled two performances on his college appearances tour because of "undisclosed family matters." Tonight he sang "Come Back to Me." My daughter asked, "Come on, what guy would say that to a woman?" I said most wouldn't but I know of a few who would. However, it's a just a song.

David said going through the week-to-week process of American Idol gave him perspective, and then Ryan Secrest, on behalf of American Idol, presented him with a platinum record for his debut album, which has sold 1 million copies in three months.

Megan Joy was voted off tonight.
Simon Cowell said to Megan, "With the greatest respect that you said you don't care. Neither do we." The judges, he informed her, would not even pretend to debate saving her and she should enjoy her swan song.

I'm not crying. Megan should have gone home last week. She also messed up her final performance. She has a unique voice but lacks artistry. However, she does seem to be a sweet person.

Read Elisa Camahort's recap of last night's show, for which the theme was random. Contestants could pick any song they chose. Next week's theme is songs from the birth year of contestants.

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