Tuesday, August 11, 2009

C-Murder's Weird Trial. Guilty and Guilty Again

I don't follow New Orleans rapper C-Murder, don't know much about the case against him for allegedly shooting-to-death a 16-year-old boy in 2003, and so have no opinion on his guilt or innocence. However, he's had the wackiest trial case history I've seen in a while.
GRETNA, La. – For the second time in one afternoon, a jury has found rapper Corey "C-Murder" Miller guilty of second-degree murder.

The jury voted 10-2 for the verdict.

Earlier, a judge has said that there was no verdict and the defense had asked declare a mistrial.

Judge Hans Liljeberg denied the motion, after he ruled the first guilty verdict in the trial was not valid because one juror may have changed their vote under duress.

This came moments after a jury found Miller guilty of second-degree murder for the first time.

Judge Hans Liljeberg has ordered the jury back into deliberations.

Miller was accused of killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas at a Harvey nightclub in 2002. (WWL-TV, view video)
This, btw, is C-Murder's second trial and technically third time he's been found guilty of this crime by a jury. He stood trial in 2003, two years before Hurricane Katrina, and was found guilty but the verdict was tossed out because the prosecution kept information from the defense that prosecution witnesses had criminal records.

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