Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fourth Anniversary of Katrina and We're Still Here

New Orleans is my city and I love it. I am not alone in this affection. Yet, I drag my feet to write about how it stumbles down the road to recovery. Shouldn't a writer in New Orleans, seeing her city's value, beauty, promise, its failures, blight, and grotesque inequalities revisit its saga often? Today is the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina changing how America sees America, how the world sees the incompetence and frailty of humans in one of the greatest nations on earth but also how we view the resilience, bravery and compassion of ordinary people facing devastation.

I don't write about my city enough because I sit overwhelmed beneath its staggering complexity. ... Please read full post at


underOvr (aka The U) said...


It was several months after Katrina that I visited New Orleans. I remember seeing many of the streets flooded.

I also remember how moved I was by the spirit of the people I met. They showed me that sense of community and determination. They showed me warmth, friendliness and a welcoming smile.

In spite of the ineptitude of our government, the people of New Orleans carry on with that same spirit that won't allow them to give up.

We must never forget not only those taken but those left behind in the aftermath of Katrina.


le0pard13 said...

A wonderful and meaningful expression for NOLA by you, and U. Hear, hear.