Friday, August 7, 2009

George Sodini, Violence Against Women, and Other Symptoms of Insanity

I've been busy and so I haven't had a chance to contemplate how and why George Sodini entered a Pittsburgh gym and started shooting women. In peripheral vision, I've gathered that he was insecure and angry because he couldn't get dates, that he had some racial issues as well, thinking white women, whom he deemed "hoes" (bad speller that man) preferred black men (See Lainad's post), and that he posted creepy videos online of his life on the prowl. He also blogged his intent to murder.

Whoa! What is it with the crazy people's focus on black genitalia and sexual mythology? And I guess we can see some good from the Net here, the dangerously off types will tell us who they are if we watch and read like the man who killed Asia McGowen.

I'm not making light of this tragedy. However, it is sort of like watching a rerun of a Dateline segment on men go wild. This is not the first shooting where a man's taken a gun or guns and gone crazy because he can't deal with females. Think Virginia Tech. Think the Santa Claus massacre. Yes, they go with domestic violence but they also go with violence against women or violence trigged by women. Even the Samson, Ala., shootings in March had a connection to rage against women.

Suzanne Reisman at BlogHer, who usually covers feminism, has a good piece about Sodini, misognyny and violence against women, "Women Are "So Beautiful as To Not Be Human," Killer Says." She asks again is there something wrong with how we socialize men to feel that any slight from a female is an insult?


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good morning Nordette,

Our society is so focused on the thoughts and intents of people like Soldini but the critical point of failure is violence in America.

Yes, it's clear that Soldini harbored a hatred for women; many people harbor resentments yet never act on them.

Our society is inundated with violence; constantly. Regardless of what initiates it, Americans deal with conflict (internal and external) by using violence.

Every violent act becomes a self-replicating seed spawning a new violent act. Violence against women is no worse than violence against children, or the elderly, or the disabled, or the homeless, or gays or anyone in our society. The launchpad is always the same; violence.

I believe these events will continue to occur as long as violence is allowed to express itself in our society. We can't eliminate the George Soldini's in our society but outlawing the manufacture and sale of weapons is a good beginning.


Professor Kim said...

Yes, you, Suzanne and Laina D are right, but the question is, how do we - the men and women who recognize the issue - protect life and sow peace?