Saturday, August 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's Birthday and Macauley Culkin's Video

Today, August 29, is Michael Jackson's birthday. He died in late June, and his body still has not been buried. At one point the media reported the King of Pop's body would be buried today. Later the day changed to September 3rd. I'm here in New Orleans so my mind is not exclusively on Michael. I'm also thinking about the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Still, I could not let the day go by without acknowledging MJ's birth.

He would have been 51 today, and according to E Online! Hollywood stars and others are throwing MJ birthday bashes today. The list includes Spike Lee, director of When the Levees Broke, an excellent documentary about Hurricane Katrina and the city of New Orleans flooding. I love connecting strange dots. Lee is throwing a "Brooklyn style block party" in honor of the mega-store's birth.

I've never done a Jackson birthday post before before at my blog, but with the recent revelation that the coroner's called his death a homicide, the recognition that his remains remain above ground, and my personal acceptance that he touched my life more than I realized, I felt compelled to post this time.

Checking MJ out on YouTube, I see that there's an "official" Michael Jackson YouTube channel now. I guess it went up after his death, but most of the video doesn't allow embeds. No matter because rather than post another MJ music video, I think this video of him on the set of Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin gives a different look at the star, reminds us that he was also human.

Culkin appeared in the King of Pop's memorable "Black or White" video and the two remained close friends over the years, with Culkin making frequent trips to Neverland -- and even testifying on Jackson's behalf during the infamous molestation trial, of which the singer was acquitted. Culkin is one of Jackson's only confidantes who has not come forward to talk about their friendship after Michael's death.
The exclusive 1992 video was shot by Culkin's 'Home Alone' co-star Devin Ratray in Chicago when the opening scenes of the movie were being filmed. Devin played Culkin's older brother, Buzz. Devin just happened to bring his video camera the day that Jackson came by for a visit. (Entertainment Tonight)
Happy Birthday, Michael. May we not mourn today but celebrate your beauty and talent.

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Reggie said...

Michael Jackson was an icon, but the man is dead; so they need to go ahead and bury him and let him lay in peace. Hopefully his family won't bury him in the backyard like Elvis's family did and sell tickets to see his grave.

By the way, I'm a former resident of the New Orleans area too. Both of my children were born in the area and I spent around a decade thoughts are there this weekend as well.