Monday, August 3, 2009

OMG! Watch Birther Leader Taitz Implode on MSNBC


WhatTamiSaid alerted me to this on Twitter, and I found the video at the Daily Kos, "Birther Taitz goes Godwin on MSNBC (Video) - calls media: 'Obama's Brownshirts.'"

Back in 2008, I wrote a post almost as convoluted as the Birthers' conspiracy theories themselves when the movement was still in infancy, "Obama, the Immaculate Conception of Americans, and Natural Born Cookiness." I remember when I wrote it, I wondered if people would think I was nuts for giving it so much blog space and thought. But that old post isn't anywhere near as bizarre as how Birther leader Orly Taitz imploded on MSNBC today while being interviewed by David Shuster and Tamron Hall. Taitz has a meltdown, revealing the extent of her paranoia when she calls the media "Obama brownshirts."

It seems the Birthers are so desperate to prove their case that they're presenting a forged Kenyan birth certificate as Obama's and Taitz doesn't want anyone to ask hard questions about that. reports the Birthers' own document expert doesn't buy the fake, and even Ann Coulter, who doesn't believe racial profiling is a fact of life and blames the mortgage crisis on minorities taking loans from white people, calls the Birthers "cranks." However, Coulter thinks the "liberal media" is using the Birthers to make the right look crazy.

When I wrote the old post, Birthers were being dismissed and rarely interviewed. Now they're nearly everywhere, claiming Obama was born in Kenya despite the state of Hawaii certifying that he was born in Hawaii, despite newspaper clips in Hawaii papers announcing his birth. Most of their passion seems to bubble from not wanting a black man as President of the United States and possibly a desire to capitalize on white people who fear people of color, including illegal immigrants, are taking over.

I keep asking myself why MSM gives these people time, but Hall gave a good answer today for why the story deserves coverage. She more or less said that the media need to expose the Birther conspiracy as nonsense because more and more Americans are swallowing Birther lies.

Brownshirts is a name given to Nazi stormtroopers who intimidated and physically restrained those who opposed Hitler.


Lisa Paul said...

This is just so many kinds of crazy. And so they are alleging that 47 years before Obama ran for the Presidency, there was a vast conspiracy to make it look as if he was born in Hawaii? One reason she states is because his mother might not have wanted to pay an immigration attorney? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the child of an American Citizen automatically a citizen no matter where that child is born? As the child of military parents, I have plenty of friends who were born outside the US but never had to become "naturalized". Because they were automatically citizens by virtue of having one or two US Citizen parents.

msladyDeborah said...


Apparently the supporters of this movement want to believe that if there was truth to their claim-that will be no consequences. You know like I do, if there is a serious attempt to remove Obama from office-it is going to be very ugly. The kind of ugly that would require more than SWAT on the street.

I have been following this movement since the campaign. These people are liars. They are racist and believe that if they are successful that there will be no uproar or problems behind it.

I like my kooks out in the open. That way we can keep and eye on them-along with jackets and meds.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good evening Nordette,

Like the Jews of Nazi Germany, I paid little attention to the fringe fanatics claiming Barak Obama wasn't an American. Last week I listened to Lou Dobbs Tonight and was amazed at the folks calling into his broadcast supporting the notion that the President wasn't a US citizen.

Dobbs himself deftly sidestepped any assertion that the President isn't a US citizen but he continued fanning the flames much like Hitler did to turn Germans against their Jewish citizens.

No matter how you package it, hatred, animosity, bigotry and evil still have the same effect and impact on society.

With Dobbs, I understand it's about advertisers and ratings and I can almost understand being morally bankrupt for the sake of greed. But people who can't accept the truth are just folk who live sad, empty, unfulfilled and hopeless lives; their sole purpose is blind destruction.


Vérité Parlant said...

Lisa, yes I know, it's what I said in my post from last year, that they want him to be a double American, born on the soil and born of an American.

Deborah: ROFL. jackets and meds

U! It's so good to see you. I've missed you.

Marvalus said...

I agree with MLD...I would much rather have these folks airing their ugliness out in the open than plotting and planning behind closed doors. I need to know what they are up to.

This right here though is pure craziness. I watched this vid over at Huffington Post with my mouth dropped onto my desk. This lady is certifiable.

PPR_Scribe said...

Not only is this a huge distraction, but it is potentially dangerous. Many of us (I admit I do it sometimes, too) tend to write off folks like this. But even if 50% of them are just purposefully blowing smoke, 30% are just mad that a Black man is in the White House, and 19% are in it just for the money/ratings--there is still that 1% that will see this as one more reason to take their hatred a step further and act on it.

RiPPa said...

I'm guessing people need something to believe in. I also guess this doesn't exclude racists who wear tin-foil hats as well.