Friday, September 11, 2009

Conservatives Seem to Want Another Civil War

After reading around on the Net lately, I'm convinced that not only do some white conservatives need our prayers to regain their sanity but also that some of the saner ones who are crazy like foxes won't be happy until this country repeats the McCarthy era, perhaps even slips into another Civil War with a race war cherry on top, the battle the KKK keeps predicting. Maybe that's what they really want.

These people are obsessed with the idea that socialists and communists are taking over the country, that there's no racism in their protest simply because they say so, and that they are an oppressed people persecuted by "reverse racism." The whole reverse racism argument indicates most of them don't know the trappings of racism beyond lynchings and calling people of color ugly names.

Here's one comment from on my post saying people can't understand domestic politics well without knowing more about African-American history and race relations. I didn't call anyone racist in the post, so one should ask why did so many anti-Obama people show up to say that they're not racist.
Van Jones and Obama are racist communists working tirelessly to destroy the miracle that is America.

You are right; race is important to many racists. How many Americans already work in the race and poverty industry? How many racists continue profitting from dividing Americans?

Everyone knows that most black voters consistently vote for the BLACK candidate. Some call that voting as a block. Some call it racist politics of hate and envy.

White Americans obviously do not vote as a racial block. White Americans gave Obama a chance, and enough rope to hang himself. They ignored his lack of experience, his association with anti-American racists such as Rev. Wright, his association with communists and terrorists, and his deep-seated hatred of white people.

There was a day when racists dominated blacks. Today, racist communists dominate all Americans. Obama must be stopped before he makes himself emperor for life!

Thank God for the voices of liberty. (Duke MHA)
I'm sure some conservatives would declare that I only chose the nuttiest-sounding conservative commenter on that post, but a sane person reading the comments would see there's plenty of nut to go around in that camp.

And here's another one of their thoughts from comments on a post at by American Princess. The blogger herself didn't make this comment. Someone calling him or herself NoFreeLunch did while wholeheartedly agreeing with the CE's take on the Van Jones incident.
In my opinion, the only people that support Obama who are truly well educated and politically astute are other radicals, Marxists and people who favor heavy socialism in government. (written by NoFreeLunch on

Scary. The person seems to be believe that anyone who is "truly-well educated" and supports Obama is a Marxist and radical. The sentiment expressed in the commenter's direct quote could have been written by Joe McCarthy himself, except he's long dead and we're supposedly in a more enlightened era.

How long before people who think like this call for blacklisting. Oh, wait! They already have.

The following commenter, GroovyMarlin, is seeing what I'm seeing in right wing rage:

It's crazy AND kind of scary. As I posted on Twitter today, I'm no fan of Republicans, but it still took me a few years of George W. Bush being in office to go from indifference to rage (basically, an unjustified invasion of a sovereign country was enough to do it). It seems like these right-wing loonies went straight to rage about two weeks after the inauguration. Of course there will always be irrational people, but what's scary is the level of vitriol in evidence, not to mention how fond of guns many of these same wingnuts are.

It makes me kind of depressed, actually. (GroovyMarlin @
I've thought more than once to leave a comment on some of the more conservative extremists' so-called "engagement" in blog forums asking them what do they want?

How long will it be before they're either trying to officially impeach Barack Obama or moving off to a hub in Montana, loading their guns? Asking them a real question is sort of like poking a rabid dog. I've been feeling sorry for some of them the way you feel sorry for an angry, pathetically insecure man who fears erectile dysfunction.

Some of these screeching conservatives seem to distrust formal education, all media, (unless it's Rush Limbaugh or a clone) and anyone who doesn't think exactly as they do. There's a psych term for this mindset.

In addition, they seem to have trouble comprehending any argument that's more complex than a simple addition problem. As I read the thoughts of some right wing Americans, especially the thoughts of those who consider themselves clever, it becomes obvious why they hate education; it threatens them. The existence of people who sound well-educated, but did not get a degree from a "Christian" college, those who can see the grays and frayed ends of life and draw from history and sociology to drive home a point, make then feel small, perhaps less than smart.

Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.


Kate Burton said...

NoFreeLunch is really out there. There's an anti American, gay commie behind every door.

Unfortunately, with the economy being in the toilet people are more easily whipped into a frenzy against the "other" be it race, religion, you name it.

Keep up the good work, I appreciate your writing.

underOvr (aka The U) said...


I've been telling family and friends for weeks now that I believe, "We are dangerously approaching that line called secession."

The taunts, acusations, demonstrations, posters and repeated outcries is nearing saturation. What are we to think as many Whites and conservatives continue stirring the pot of bitterness, fear, resentment and hate?


SjP said...

Nordette, I'm feeling it too. Just finished flipping between Rachel and O'Reilly, and it is pretty clear that there are some seriously crazy people living in this Country who call themselves Americans. And as my cousin would say "it don't look good!"


msladyDeborah said...

At this point in time-I really feel that if there is a block of states that want to pull out-bye!

Yes, I am freakin' serious!

When they pull out of the union, all money stops. No representation, a wall around their boundaries to keep them the hell out of this part of the country.

No, I'm kidding. I've thought about this for awhile. If it is going to be that frickin' important to them to have the type of governing rule that they want-and the current republic's practices are that unsatisfactory-we need to set up a plan to allow people who don't want to stay to move out. Then on the earmarked date-say so long.

They should feel real cozy and content within the boundaries of each other's company. When things get rough or something happens-let the states that a part of that block figure out what the hell to do on their own.

I also don't want any of those A-Holes allowed into the rest of the nation without a serious background check. Let's treat them like the terrorist that they are trying to be. I suspec that in due time and due season we would begin to hear reports on how they have turned on each other. Because there will be no people of color, gays or anyone else that they don't like in their midst. The nature of the beast that they really are will require that they find and prey on new whipping posts.

It will be wonderful to watch as they battle against one another. Who's the ultra conservative? Your ethnic background is not as pure as my ethnic background.

Yes, I know it sounds as if I am sick of these people. I bet that there's a large block of them that really didn't even go to vote.

So if they want to leave-Good-bye to trash. C'Ya! And do the sane world a major favor-don't bother to try and return.

le0pard13 said...

Nordette, your points on this subject are good ones. And your allusions to McCathyism and blacklists are on point. But the fear and argument being whipped up by the conservatives (and Kate B's observation of a poor economy makes a frenzy easier is true, too) about the great satan of communism is a straw man our country continues to fall for.

I believe history makes it abundantly clear that the failed system of communism had a zero chance of ever making even a toehold here. Why do I say that? It's not in this country's, or in the varied people's who live here, DNA. Capitalism is (for good or bad).

I was reminded of this in from a line a reporter of this L.A. Times article wrote. "... in the U.S., which, you'll recall, was founded by parsons and scolds who equated being on time with being good. (Time is money!)" Our enterprising founders built it into our political system, from the beginning. Communism had an even less chance of taking hold here than abstinence succeeding with a teenager.

However, fascism (on the other hand) always seems to be just under the surface. The great evil that we fought against in WWII (as some cite) does rear its head on our shores from time to time. It's just too easy to refer to the Bush-Cheney era abuses as the latest example of this. We need to change the tune of the right-wing in this argument to reflect this.

Thanks for this timely post, Nordette.

Vérité Parlant said...

Thanks, Katie, U, SJP. I keep saying these people need mental health assistance because they seem to have succumbed to the vilest form of mass hysteria.

Deborah, I feel your frustration and I know you see mine. For me, a split is not acceptable even jokingly but I do think some in the conservative compound would like the idea of segregating themselves that way. And I too have certainly felt at times they should take their marbles and go home, wherever that is. If they thought about it, they'd realize "home" is not actually here. There were people here when they got here and as for African-Americans, they dragged us over and now whine because they can't control us like they used to.

Despite so many of them talking about "love of God," it's apparent many of them slept through reap what you sow Sunday School lessons or they'd connect the dots better to their ancestors actions and how people feel about their defense of a Glenn Beck. They strike me as theological coquettes when it comes to God and spiritual accountability.

Le0, yes. That's why this scary talk about communists under the bed is so silly. America will not become a communist country and anybody who knows anything about communism's history knows that. Yes, their crazy communism arguments are a straw man, as you say. Even when you talk to people who declare they like the idea of communism, if you question them you discover they really don't want to be communist because they want the right to earn money and call it their own, to explores creative endeavors and not be told how to experience their own lives.

Barack Obama specifically does not embrace communism. I saw him speak privately to a rather naive group of people who had concerns about gentrfication in an urban community. His attitude was you don't keep people out of a community who want to bring money and jobs. He wanted conscientious investors to get tax breaks. He believes bright and hard working people should earn good money, that smart and accountable business owners should rake in dough, and so, he's definitely a capitalist.

However, he doesn't believe that the dog eat dog mentality of some capitalist should be rewarded by government despite concessions made to the banking industry over the last year.

Fascism. This whole thing of calling Obama Hitler and his supporters brown shirts shows me the bubble of ignorance in which some conservatives function. Hitler was a fascist, and blind nationalism, something Republicans encourage, fits more into that paradigm than anything Obama or his supporters have done. Fascism also promotes anti-intellectualism while coddles an ignorant populace as it marches to exterminate "the other," singing "Glory to God." Sounds more like a Sarah Palin rally. Far right conservatives don't see themselves and the slippery slope on which they travel with some of their rhetoric.

I'm not saying this because I think everything the Obama administration has done so far deserves a gold star. I've got some issues with him. But I do think conservatives do this country a disservice with their lies and the defense of such lies.

MoMo said...

wow what you posted was real and very deep..