Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halle Berry on Jay Leno: Funny Story About Her Daughter and Woman in Supermarket

Actress Halle Berry appeared on NBC's Jay Leno show Thursday night and told the world that she is not pregnant, so nix the rumors. In addition, as you'll see in the video here. She told a funny story about shopping with her daughter Nahla in a supermarket. The 16-month-old spotted a picture of her mother on the cover of a magazine and said, "Mama." A customer tried to tell her the woman on the cover was not her mother. And, well, watch the video. It's a cute story.

Transcript quote from Celebrity Baby Blog:
“Nahla says, ‘Mama! Mama!’ And the lady gets, like, indignant about it, [and said], ‘No, honey, that’s not your mama. That’s Halle Berry.’ And I couldn’t take it any longer so I whipped off my glasses and turned around and I was like, ‘No, I am her mother and I am Halle Berry and she knows what she’s talking about!’ It was one of those great mom moments.”
She told Leno her relationship with Nahla's father, model Gabriel Aubry, is the longest one she's ever had. He's pictured with her here in a 2006 photo.

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PPR_Scribe said...

Funny story! Imagine if you were that woman in the grocery store. As my young adult kinfolk like to say: "AWK-ward!"