Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama on Job Growth and also ACORN Scandal

Here's CNN video of President Barack Obama's interview with John King on this Sunday's State of the Union. King told him that most of the people he'd spoken to want to know, "Where are the jobs?" or when will see recovery in the job market. The president said the following:
"I want to be clear, that probably the jobs picture is not going to improve considerably -- and it could even get a little bit worse -- over the next couple of months," Obama told CNN chief national correspondent John King in the interview, conducted Friday.
The interview covered more than jobs. It also included Obama's answers on whether Republicans are winning the health care war, to which he says "no" and whether the U.S.A. will send more troops to Afghanistan.

The president seems skeptical of sending more troops to that region, per ABC. The POTUS appeared on that network as well this morning where he answered questions from George Stephanopoulos about ACORN, the social justice organization accused of misusing Federal funds after some of its employees were caught allegedly giving advice to conservative filmmakers pretending to be a pimp and hooker. Obama said ACORN should be investigated but otherwise the issue is not taking up his thoughts. He said he was unaware that ACORN was getting lots of Federal funding.

ACORN writes request for federal grants just like any other nonprofit and how much funding it gets would not be something of which a POTUS would be aware. The group's been around since the 70s.

It's unclear whether the Republican push to stop government funding of ACORN is based on actual government dollars at risk from ACORN using the funding itself or is this all just more political huffing and puffing, right wing blowhards manipulating a bad situation. Conservatives have been gunning for ACORN for quite some time. Since the organization is so sloppy in its hiring practices, it's been an easy target for scandal. The gist of it is that Republicans attempt to make it look like ACORN has some vast plan motivated by corruption when the truth is ACORN has consistently been mismanaged, buckling under messy, undisciplined business practices.

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Reggie said...

We just went through eight years of lies, more lies, incompetence and ineptness. One would think that more people would be happy to be rid of that last fool and more than ready to embrace our new president. It's not as if he can snap his fingers and wipe away the veritable rape and assault our economy suffered during the last decade or so and any fool can see that this is a work in progress and it's going to take a little time. The very people who applauded that oxygen thief from Texas when he was in The White House, are the ones giving our new president the hardest time. One would think that they'd be ashamed to be seen or heard in public.