Sunday, September 6, 2009

Political Poetry on a Sunday Afternoon

A Persistent Pursuit
By Nordette N. Adams

America, born in a field of blood,
nurtured with pride, naive seductress of
blackness. Nothing is apolitical in

America, inseminated by dreamers,
stroked by strategists, yet lover of
freedom. Nothing is apolitical in

America, pearl of a not-post-racial
world, cloaked in a creator's ideals, kidnapped by
Fear. Nothing is apolitical in

America, Mother of Hope,
lifting babies to spacious skies, singing, "O' beautiful,
rise! Nothing is apolitical."

Nothing is apolitical in falling.

Nothing is apolitical in standing still.

Nothing is apolitical in seizing courage to change.

Nothing is apolitical in power,

not even the right to love,
not even paths to forgiveness.

(c) 2009 Nordette N. Adams

This poem came to me this morning after spending part of Friday and yesterday writing here, "Huey's Boondocks Dream: Obama Speaks at Schools" about the president's upcoming September 8 speech to school children. I've also been responding to comments regarding that topic at on posts by Dana Loesch and PunditMom.


underOvr (aka The U) said...


Thanks for sharing this poem, "Nothing is apolitical".

May we stand Black, powerful, free, fearless, courageous, loving, forgiving and standing again with a throng of Black faces whenever we fall; answering the call to be political.


msladyDeborah said...

I like this Nordette. It really speaks to the reality that we live in on a daily basis. People who think that we should adapt a color blind attitude need to realize that we cannot. They should not want to be colorblind either. It robs them of the opportunity to deal with pending social issues.

I've always believed that trying to act like our different ethnic backgrounds are negated by the common bond of being American, is no less than a liberal cop out. If you don't deal with me as a Black woman, then you have the luxury of not dealing with the negative issues of my existance.

We've never been able to do that as people of color. It is so obvious that "post-racialism" is still in an embryo state. It is not a bad concept. It is just not a realistic one for this particular time.

I'm going to write about Obama's address to the children of this nation today. I'm pretty fired up about this issue also.