Sunday, September 6, 2009

White House Says Resigning Was Van Jones's Choice

The White House says that it did not force Van Jones's resignation. Jones was an Obama administration "czar" focused on "green jobs" and he resigned late Saturday night.

He is also a co-founder of with James Rucker. works to mobilize African-Americans for political action and on social justice issues. It started in the wake of the Bush administration dropping the ball on Hurricane Katrina.

Directed by Rucker (given Jones took a position with the Obama administration and before that became more interested in environmental justice), the grassroots group has been targeting Fox conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, causing his show to lose major advertisers. They charge Beck is infusing the health care reform debate with racism because he called Obama a racist and said health care reform is reparations for slavery. Sounds like Beck wants more of Rush Limbaugh's market share.

In retaliation to, Beck launched a campaign against Jones, calling him an extremist and "a devout communist." Most of all, however, Jones could not withstand the furor over his signing a 2004 petition at that said the 911 tragedy was the result of a government conspiracy. Yes, someone dug that up, and the website's staff has issued a statement denouncing media requests asking them to explain Jones's "strange behavior." Jones says he disagrees with assertions in the petition and didn't carefully read it before signing it.

On NBC's Meet the Press today, reports CNN, David Axelrod, one of President Barack Obama's senior advisers said the president did not order Jones to resign. "Absolutely not -- this was Van Jones' own decision," he said.
(CNN) The chairman of the House Republican Conference, Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, had called for Jones to resign or be fired.

"I think Van Jones did the right thing," Pence said Sunday about the resignation. "His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this administration."

Jones has frequently been dubbed a "green-jobs czar" for the administration.

"The president should suspend any future appointment of so called czars while the administration and the Congress carefully examines the background and qualifications of the more than 30 individuals who've been appointed to these czar positions," said Pence, speaking to reporters. "And the Congress ought to initiate a thorough inquiry into the constitutionality of this practice which has spanned Republican and Democrat administrations." (CNN)
The CNN story has a lot more about Jones's past. What I see is white conservatives flexing their power, pushing for a pissing match every five minutes, and seeking revenge any time anyone tells the truth about their antics. By that I mean challenging Glenn Beck's stupidity and racist, divisive propaganda. It's all about payback and sour grapes over losing the election. At this point, losing to a black candidate is almost secondary. They'll stoop to the lowest level, even McCarthyism. So much for their love of free speech, the right they tout when calling Obama Hitler, Nazi, or socialist.

The Los Angeles Times leads the story this way:
Reporting from Washington - Responding to a firestorm that raged almost entirely on conservative talk shows and websites, the White House today announced the resignation of a top environmental advisor who had made fiery remarks about Republicans and signed a petition questioning whether the U.S. government had any role in planning the Sept. 11 attacks.

Van Jones, a prominent Oakland community activist, issued a statement decrying "lies and distortions" and a "smear campaign" that had been waged against him by the right.

But despite his defiance, Jones had been forced to apologize in recent days for some of his past statements, including a speech shortly before his appointment posted on YouTube in which he used a vulgar term to describe Republicans.

White House officials never rose to his defense, and took pains over the weekend to distance themselves from Jones' statements and decisions about his employment status. (LAT)
I'll bet Jones felt excrutiatingly paniful pressure to get the hell out of Dodge. So, he fell on his sword in the name of nixing distractions. And Fox News, a fortress of conservative idiocty, is getting it right on this one because they helped orchestrate it. The network reports this story through a victory lens, that now Obama's critics will be bolder about hitting him. Score one for rats who know how to milk public opinion and have the power to expedite dirty tricks at will.


underOvr (aka The U) said...


I don't believe anyone in this country (particularly Black Americans) is shocked by any of the tactics used by conservatives and Republicans. You'll easily find a long line of their ancestral DNA tracing back in time to Watergate and going back even further to Joseph McCarthy.

Lying, smearing and slandering; these are the tools they use to further their agenda.

I'm saddened that Van Jones had to fall on his sword but I am not discouraged. I am linked with you and others who refuse to be silent; as we speak, so to will others.

Thank you for speaking out.


Vérité Parlant said...

Well said, U. The dogs don't learn new tricks because the old ones work fine.

msladyDeborah said...


I am a member of the Color of Change. We do good work and I'm glad that we put the fiyah up under Beck. He deserved it. And I hope that it gets even hotter for him. I'd like to see the temp reach whatever degree it is in the far west corner of hades!

I'm very angry with this whole situation. For a nation that taunts being one under God, the principles of forgiveness and understanding seem to consistently elude these people.

I'm a former socialist. I became a socialist because the government and society did not open up enough to respond to the needs of the people. I also support the causes of liberation for Africa against any and all of her oppressors. I left the party twenty years ago. But not my commitment to improve things or to speak out against injustices here or internationally.
I also have worked on political/social issues in my hometown. It just really burns me up to see all of this red baiting going on. The fear of capitalism collapsing is far more realistic that socialism taking over. We are not out of the deep economic doo-doo yet. Beck is a zealot without a working brain. His ignorance is only surpassed by those who think that he is intelligent.

I'm also pretty put off by Obama at this particular moment. I'm getting pretty tired of his neutrality on these types of issues. The DP had better start growing a set of steele balls within their mentality. And man up and woman up to the reality that the nation is under domestic threat from the conservative base.

welrdelr said...

Most people that I have spoken to objected to Van Jones being a Czar because they had seen Van Jones saying that he was a communists on YouTube and they were aware that he wanted to radically change our government. Many people watch Glenn Beck or go to You Tube and watch videos concerning Obama's appointees. It seems that many of these Czars and Cabinet appointees are tax dodgers, have affiliations with a communist or terrorist group, have very radical liberal ideas or want to insult the public with their right wing statements and insults. We The People are coming together and hopefully we will stand up for our country and vote any representative out of office that votes for any type of deficit spending. At present I think the best game plan for, Pelosi, Frank, Boxer, Reid, Maxine Waters, Watson and President Obama is to stop calling the protestors White Trash, Mobs, Un-America, Paid Protestors and other insulting names. Congresswoman Watson and others who support President Obama should stop talking about how great the enemies of the United States are while they are running down the United States and Watson should stop telling how great Cuba's health care system is while she is trying to sell President Obama's take over or the United States' health care system. I am sure that there are not many of Congresswoman Watson's constituents that support her pro Castro views or that would want to go to Cuba to see a doctor.

Tree said...

You forgot to mention one of Van's greatest contributions,, a national organization working to build an inclusive green economy. They have been at the forefront creating new green jobs in this rough economy that give people a new career making our country cleaner and stronger. I would definitely want this guy advising the President, it's really a shame that it had to come down to ridiculous people who feel threatened by his intelligence.

meatgrinda said...

How can any TRUE red-blooded Amercan of any color defend this clown. And the fact that Pres. Obama never uttered a single word to defend this guy when this whole thing started only shows his cowerdice.

Vérité Parlant said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. Meatgrinda, je ne comprends pas vos mos.