Sunday, October 4, 2009

Drop Dead Diva Tonight Was Worst Ever

I watch Drop Dead Diva staring Brooke Elliott as Jane Bingum, an overweight attorney who's really a model named Deb Dobson (Brooke D'Orsay), who died on the same day Jane died. Deb pressed a button in heaven and came back as Jane. Back in July, I said the following about the show at Megan's Minute.
Megan, I watched this on demand last night. I ignored the commercials at first. I thought, "Oh, here we go with another version of the skinny girl in the fat suit." For some reason I thought it was one-shot movie and didn't realize it was a series. I also thought "Heaven Can Wait" meets "Legally Blonde" mash-up. But I was wrong! Yes, it's got a case of steal this plot, but it's stealing plots like a master thief, which is good.

I was very impressed with Brooke Elliott's work and the there are enough twists in the story to keep it interesting. Great room for character development. I will watch it again. (my comment at Megan's Minute)
And I have watched it again, and enjoyed it, but tonight's episode was the worst ever. While I have compared the show to Legally Blonde before, and still agree with my mash-up assessment, I still like it. However, I was disappointed that tonight's episode ripped off Legally Blonde so brazenly that it seemed the show's writers wanted to insult viewers. With the otherwise entertaining stories the writers have given us each week, I can only think they've fizzled on ideas and the first season isn't over yet (final show of season next week).

Tonight's episode had Jane defending a famous actress who Deb, her former self, idolized. The actress ended up on trial for her husband's murder, but she was innocent, and solving the case took make-up and fashion knowledge. Plus, the actress had a secret she couldn't reveal that would ruin her career if publicized. Sound familiar?

The thing of is, I still like the show, but they'd better quit this out-right Legally Blonde thievery or it's over.


le0pard13 said...

I've watch a couple of episodes and I've liked what I've seen. But, if they're going down the Legally Blonde road with this, that's bad. They need to give Brooke more of what you've described when it started. Thanks, Nordette.

DestinyM1 said...

On Psych, Shawn accused a man of murder simply because he smelt a scent on the victim that smelled like the mans hair gel. And Artdeco lip stick is a huge leap from a semi-permanet perm. Lastly, Jane tried to get her client to take a plea, after the evidence pilled up. Elle would have never done that to her client. The screenplays may have a few similarities, but not even close to plagiarism.