Sunday, November 22, 2009

Colored Things, A Poem by Nordette Adams

Colored Things
By Nordette N. Adams

Keep the color of onyx in your heart,
every color almost but you might need 2
add blue and mix it with blood
for purple needs red like passion,
like salvation.

Color don't hurt nothing,
don't cut nobody nor spill blood.
The color phobic do.
The colored-afraid slice up a rainbow

like a nasty shadow, pushing fear to gnaw
off the bottom of the rainbow's root
with its cancerous teeth.
They throw waste into the human sea.

If cleansed of our loathings, this dung
could psychoremediate our tainted vision field,
fertilize our land until the plains grow lilacs
and with lavender, a harmony's reborn,
like blues kissed with red blooming life.

Cleansed of our loathings, we
reflect the resplendent prism, making God
shout, "Oh, how beautiful!
How these children have grown."

(c) 2009 Nordette N. Adams
Revised 2016


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Nordette,

I love the way you use colors to describe life, people and emotions.

It's true, "Every color has a purpose, let's try not to pervert it."

You paint a beautiful collage of colors with your words.


Anonymous said...

As someone who posts poetry online but is also looking to submit, does the rule most publications have that web publication is prior publication concern you?

I am rethinking my Poems Before Breakfast site, and may end up taking down a lot of what is up there and just putting up things that have previously been published (all of which, as they are in the pre-publication state, I have had to take down).

Vérité Parlant said...

Hi, U. Thank you. Always happy to see you drop by.

Hi, Wet. :-) Actually, I have a ton of poetry that I took down just in case I decide to submit. If I really believe a poem is publishable, I may only leave it up a short while and then remove it. I have others that I never post to the web.

All this b/c I know some lit magazines won't accept work that's been posted online. However, I did needle one editor who clarified that they didn't consider work you posted yourself on your own website or on your blog or your account as "published." On somebody else's website such as an e-zine, however, was another story.

Bottom line. It varies from house to house.

Poems Before Breakfast. Hmm. I'm going to look that up now.

One more thing, I also took a lot of my work down, especially love poems, because I saw some of them being reposted by other people without permission. Sometimes, that's a good thing. For instance, schools and Martin Luther King Day celebrations started using a poem I have online about King. So, cool.

Yet mixed feelings b/c this school here (PDF), for instance, used the poem, but they didn't event get it from my site. Some site called Holiday Zone just lifted it without my permission. I guess I can be happy that they left my name on it. :-) And sometimes I learn people are reciting it or quoting it, like here, and there used to be YouTube video of a little boy reciting it.

Other times, however, it's just people who like what they've read. I became concerned, however, after someone posted one of my friend's poems, changed the wording a little to suit the poster's personal life, and still left my friend's name on the poem. Now that was bad. Really bad.