Monday, November 9, 2009

Play CNN's News Challenge Game

O.K. CNN wants to make the news fun, get you more engaged and they're doing it with a new online game called CNN Challenge. Pick an anchor as your news guide, and then answer questions about current events. You can even play with a buddy. Do you know the news the way you think you do?

I call the game new because I just learned of it today on Twitter. I'll need more rest before I play.

At the blog, Thoroughly Anderson Cooper (yes, somebody's dedicated to Anderson), a fan writes, "Listen to the ominous music starting from frame one, its very good especially for the occasion, but please don't get scared."

Read some of the comments on this game at CNN.

I mention CNN so much, it's obvious I favor them, and maybe it's also because I go for the underdog. So many news networks are going for opinion over news and so many people are eating that up that CNN's losing ground, I think. Perhaps this is also why the network's revamped its website and is trying new ways to attract viewers.

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