Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick and Dirty Palin, Oprah Round Up, Plus Prejean

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I think I've talked about former McCain running mate, former Alaska governor, former mayor of Wasilla and former beauty queen Sarah Palin enough, except I've never evaluated the benefits to progressives if both Carrie Prejean and Palin stay in the news, one smoking with political aspirations and the other touting conservative Christian values while talking over her breasts implants. Each woman professes to be a Christian; each publicly comes across as judgmental of those unlike themselves, and neither seems capable of broadening her vision unless expansion comes with more publicity.

Prejean was recently in the news saying she's been persecuted for sharing her conservative Christian beliefs about gay marriage, threatening to walk off a Larry King Live interview, and miffed that people are curious about her sex tape scandal. Palin's been busy attracting attention for her tell-all book that says the McCain strategists kept her on a leash, her upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey, and her relatively new coin conspiracy idiocy. As she goes about her business, her almost-shotgun-wedding, never-to-be son-in-law Levi Johnston steals a little of her spotlight with a Playgirl spread.

Carrie Prejean's not worth more attention, but Palin is, perhaps. Here are four articles on her upcoming interview, some with analysis of her political future.

1. Here Comes Sarah Palin
2. Can Palin Make a Comeback?
3. Sarah Palin: Let the Shilling Begin
4. Palin/Oprah interview preview, plus Palin says "Levi is Loved," his invitation to Thanksgiving dinner sounds iffy, however.

Oprah's Palin interview airs this coming Monday. Check listings.

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