Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Starry Night in Texas, a Tale in Limerick Verse

Starry Night in Texas
By Nordette N. Adams

A man flew to Dallas one Sunday
To meet a young lady on Monday
They'd connected online.
Her pictures were fine.
He thought he should marry her one day.

The woman arrived at the bar
to meet the man who'd flown far.
She hoped he would see
though she was a he,
their Internet love was on par.

The man who flew in carried flowers.
As he looked for her, minutes seemed hours,
but then there she stood,
and he stiffened like wood,
feeling he might need cold showers.

She wore a red dress as she said.
Even better her hair was quite red,
but she opened her mouth,
and the voice that came out
revealed he'd been mostly misled.

Looking the gent up and down,
her smile went to flat, almost frown.
His build was much smaller,
She'd thought he'd be taller.
Online he looked white, not so brown.

Romantics, they dared not tempt fate.
They'd come way too far not to date,
so sat down at a table
to unravel their fables
and honestly look at their state.

"By now you may see I'm a man,
but I'll love you the best that I can,
like a good wife," she said,
"and keep you well-fed.
Let's not go astray of our plan."

He felt badly misleading her so,
and told her what she did not know:
"The reason I'm small,
and not very tall
is I'm not that man you've called Joe."

"If I were to strip and undress,
you'd see that I've strapped down my breasts.
What can I say
but my real name is Faye,
and I promise to give you the best."

Two people walked into this bar
not knowing they'd each traveled far
to take one last chance
at finding romance,
wishing upon the same star.

(c) Copyright 2009 Nordette N. Adams


msladyDeborah said...

Alrighty! I enjoyed reading this and I always like a good twist in a story.

How's your novel writing coming along? I hope it is going well for you.

Jerry Pat Bolton said...

Hahaha!! Gotta love it / This would be a fantastic scene in a movie / I've messed around a time or two with the confused genders, but I don't think they could touch this . . .

PPR_Scribe said...

Absolutely LOVE the twists in this tale! Well done, well done. I wish my character, Saturday, had thought this up for my "____ at the Front" series.

Admin said...

It's a very nice post.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! Sweet! A fellow limerick writer. So well done, Nordette. Love, peace, and best wishes to you,