Sunday, May 30, 2010

BP CEO on Oil Spill: I'm Sorry. I Want My Life Back

I waited for someone to post video of today's BP Oil Spill protest at Jackson Square. Here it is, a clip of organizers making some of their demands of the Federal Government.

As a result of the growing anger against BP and protests, BP CEO Tony Hayward went on camera again to say he's sorry. He told WDSU's Latonya Norton that he's sorry for the disruption to Louisiana lives but also, "There's nobody who wants this over more than I do. I'd like my life back."

Really, Hayward? BooHoo! BP's PR person probably stabbed himself in the eye after seeing Hayward say, "I'd like my life back." A PR script writer would never have let him talk about getting his life back when some people's lives on the Gulf may have been ruined forever. Even more, as YatPundit wrote when addressing Garland Robinette's showmanship, remember 11 people died in that the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in April.

He also told WDSU:
"I'm very sorry that this has impacted people down here to the extent it has," he said. "Since the very beginning, we have thrown enormous resources at this to contain the leak on the seabed, to contain the oil on the surface and to defend the shoreline, and we continue to do that. We have the largest environmental response in the country's history ongoing, and it will stay until we've dealt with it."
As implied earlier, this is not the first time Hayward's said "I'm sorry."

You know what people here would say to that: Show us the money! People who depended on the Gulf to make their living are sad, angry, broke, and wondering how they're going to make ends meet.

Prior to that statement, Hayward was busy denying the rumor that there's an oil plume in the Gulf of Mexico. And the company is also blaming the Federal Government for wrong estimates of amount of oil flowing in the Gulf. Congressman Ed Markey disagrees. The company is losing credibility more each day.

According to this PBS widget, the oil is flowing into the Gulf at more than one million gallons per day, an average between most conservative estimates and worst case scenario estimates.

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msladyDeborah said...

If BP had been really resourceful they would of had a plan ready to implement based on their in house information about the possibility of this very situation occuring.

It is so distressing to see the damage that is happening on a 24/7 cycle.

I realized recently that the EPA should be kicking off into some corporation butt behind this. Who care how much it costs BP? Or how much time any of their corporate heads loose from their lives? They are environmental terrorist and they need to work in hyper drive to stop the damn leak. Then they need to open up their bank account and get ready to provide whatever economic resources are available to clean up and make it right.

Vérité Parlant said...

His saying that reveals his mindset, I think. Hayward's probably removed from real people and the intimate degradations that come from this kind of devastation.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe this guy (Tony Hayward). He wants his life back?? Is he kidding? 11 people dead, thousands of livelyhoods gone, complete ruin of the Gulf -- and this man who was paid a salary of 1.5 million and received a bonus of 2.2 million in 2008 on the backs of those who REALLY work wants his life back after 5 weeks of stress??

I am sorry, BP (& Halliburton) need to payback everything if it means selling their last pair of $1000.00 shoes. Money should be paid to the people that lost their means of support, of getting the water & marshes back to their original state... and on and on and on. Our government needs to crack down on them EVEN if it means that we do with less oil. We can find other ways of getting ourselves from here to there.