Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do Conservative Obama Haters Help Him?

Writing at Time, Mark Halperin makes the case that Obama's enemies may give him a boost not a black eye come the time to elect a new president. What do you think?
Within the overheated conservative bubble there is little room for discussions of serious policy alternatives to deal with America's problems, reminders that the country is typically drawn to optimistic candidates (like Reagan and Obama) and weighty appeals to the center of the electorate. If Obama is the worst President ever, as conservatives seem to believe, why do they need to say anything more than that to take control of Congress and then get rid of him? But while the conservatives' ultimate condemnation rallies their core supporters and resonates with some centrist voters, over time it is unlikely to produce a majority against the Administration.
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Shanel said...

I think the conservative Obama haters are hurting him and hurting the progress that the U.S. could make right now. The conservatives have not backed him up on anything that he's attempted to do... and I think that the promises he made during the election are just promises at this point because he lacks the support that he needs in order to effect real change.

msladyDeborah said...

I think that the GOP is over estimating the image of their mass appeal. They are a divided party and that is obvious if you're paying attention. I think that there are going to be some problems when they run against Tea Party selections.

I have been trying to think of any major contributions that have been made to policy by the GOP and none comes to mind. Which is not a good thing. Because it is that stance that makes them seem more of a hinderance that a political force. I personally hope that Orange Man (Bohner) has a hell of time getting re-elected. I really dislike listening to his never ending whinning. I have yet to hear any policy coming from out of his lips. But, I might be missing it due to the fact that his orange glow is so visually annoying to me.

I think that at this point in time the GOP doesn't really know what to do about pulling the POC vote. Which is going to be a problem in the elections. But on the other hand Obama may find this time around to be rought because he is coming across as some what distanced from the concerns.

But if the economy can survive this latest fiasco and he can generate some serious employment he might make it through less scathed than the GOP is trying to make him out to be.