Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally MSM Examines Jindal's Oil Crisis Game Playing

At last some folks in the mainstream media seem willing to question how Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is handling response to the oil spill. Finally, a major news outlet is not so impressed by Jindal's hot-faced "passion" on camera that it won't scrutinize what he's actually doing or not doing. For instance, Jindal is not using all the National Guards troops the federal government has approved him to use to fight the oil spill and keep oil from reaching the wetlands.

I've been challenging the MSM's handling of Jindal with kid gloves for a while now. And oh, look! Now that he's being challenged about why he hasn't fully deployed the National Guard, Jindal is "pointing fingers," says CBS:
"Actually we asked the White House to approve the initial 6,000," Jindal said. "What they came back and said is the Coast Guard and BP had to authorize individual tasks."

But Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the national incident commander in charge of the government's response to the spill, said Jindal is just flat wrong.

"There is nothing standing in the governor's way from utilizing more National Guard troops," Allen said.
When Gen. Colin Powell appeared in a TV interview weeks back and was asked why didn't President Barack Obama use the military, I wrote a post and made sure to include video about the National Guard being activated. With so many people asking why haven't we deployed the military, you'd think National Guard soldiers are nothing. I addressed that notion responding to a commenter.

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CBS reports that despite his frequent on-camera lamentations that Obama is not providing the labor needed to fight the spill, Jindal has chosen not to deploy all the National Guard troops that he's been given permission to use.
As of today, the federal government has authorized a total of 17,500 National Guard troops across four Gulf states, all to be paid for by BP.

But CBS News has learned that in addition to Louisiana's 1,053 troops of 6,000, Alabama has deployed 432 troops of 3,000 available. Even fewer have been deployed in Florida - 97 troops out of 2,500 - and Mississippi - 58 troops out of 6,000.

Those figures prompted President Obama to weigh in.

"I urge the governors in the affected states to activate these troops as soon as possible," Mr. Obama said.
The governors of the states mentioned may fear a National Guard presence will keep tourists away, according to the CBS story, but the reporter also suggests politics may be at play.

You're damned skippy politics are at play! The governors of all those Gulf Coast states mentioned are Republicans, and as has been revealed by "leaked" GOP's emails, Republican strategists want to play this oil spill for every teardrop that may equal a GOP vote.

They want to make Obama look like he's insensitive to the people of the Gulf Coast, like he doesn't really want to clean up the oil. They want it to seem like "Obama's Katrina." (Hear that with a big boom mic and echo chamber.) And as you know, some Republican pundits have said blunty or by code that "Obama has a deep-seated hatred for white people." They started beating that drum long before the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed 11 workers.

Let's recall Kanye West's infamous charge during the Hurricane Katrina telethon as we see Jindal parading mostly white "angry" oil drill workers for the media and says they can't feed their families due the president's moratorium. It's more subtle than Kaney's outburst, but its still an attempt to further the conservative dog whistle that President Obama hates white people. Republicans and their "tit for tat" mentality, always so middle school.

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msladyDeborah said...

This is going to make for some interesting political theatre. Especially for the GOP. They act like the oil is spilling in their brains. This vendetta to get Obama is not going to translate like they seem to think that it will in the long run or big picture.

If I were a GOP governor (That was so difficult to key onto the screen) I would want to look like I was out performing the POTUS at this point. The Guard would be on my state's coastline and I'd be playing it up in the news frequently. But Jindal does not have the fine art of media whoring down yet.

If I lived in the South and I discovered that any of this "just say no" folks were failing to do anything or everything that they could-they would be receiving a hot e-mail from me first. Followed by an organized campaign to embarass them inside of the state and in front of the nation.

And do you think that the possibility of being exposed to tar balls and oil-just might be the reason for a tourist not to consider a vacation on the Gulf Coast? I don't know about anyone else, but the possibility of just being in contact with the oil and other toxins would be a deal breaker for me. I refuse to spend a lot of time around my own state's waterways because I perceive them to be nasty with pollution. So why would I spend money to go elsewhere for a similiar experience? Seeing the NG out wouldn't phase me since they've been in my view since my childhood.

This partsian stance is not a good look right now.