Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010!

Happy Father's Day. I also published a post about the day at the Urban Mother's Book of Prayers and included a link to an old poem about my father written in 2005. The picture of him in this post is the one I used with the poem, and it was taken in 1990 when my son was born and my dad came to Georgia to help us. My former husband, our daughter, and I had just moved into a new house, which is why there's a bed in the living room. I had a c-section.

I also wrote a poem related to him in 2006, "The Mermaids Singing Hush." As men get older, they fight loss of controlling their own destinies, and back then my dad lived with my brother and his wife. My mother did as well, due to Hurricane Katrina flooding their home. My brother didn't want him to drive anymore.

My dad is now 89 and living with me. He went to church this morning with my brother and his wife. Today he uses a walker. He can be bossy and ornery, and yes he still drives. However, I've been thinking that should end soon since he almost drove off the Twin Span Bridge a month ago.

He pops up often enough in my posts or essays. For instance, he's in the one recently published at, "The Cylons Cometh: Human-machine hybrids and our impending immortality" and the one about the possibility of war between North and South Korea. And he's in "Life as A Sandwich Generation Mom," written four and a half months before my mother died in 2008, his wife of nearly 50 years. She died two weeks shy of their 50th wedding anniversary.

In February I told a story about him waking up and thinking a white man was in the house. And I tweet about him often. I think the last time I tweeted about Dad was a few weeks ago when he woke me up around eight in the morning to ask me about dinner that night. I'd had only three hours sleep. Loss of sleep is a small price to pay for how much his presence has benefited his grandchildren.

Thinking about how often I mention him, including this poem, "Dusk," that I'd forgotten, I guess it's time to give him his own label here.

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