Friday, June 25, 2010

In 2005 I Joked About 'Hunt for the Next Hot Oprah': Are You Auditioning to Have Your own Show by Oprah?

With the Oprah show coming to an end on network television because the talk-show tycoon has started her OWN network, I wonder about all the people who dreamed of being on her show who now won't get the chance. However, they have the chance for something bigger.

It's old news now that Oprah's having a contest for people to have their own show on her network. But I haven't paid close attention. So, that may be why I'm just remembering this now, but back when I used to do Confessions of a Jersey Goddess, I published a post on June 23, 2005 called "Hunt for the Next Hot Oprah," and here it is in its entirety, with the exception of its links:
    All respect to Tom Clancy (Hunt for the Red October), but in my sleep-deprived stupor those words, "Hunt for the Next Hot Oprah" shimmied through my mind. I doubt The Queen plans to host her talk show forever. When she steps off to the land of TV specials and movie production, where will all those fans go?

    Ms. Oprah would surely slay me to think such a thing, especially considering that I'm no fan of reality television. (How hypocritical of me, considering that blogging is just the Internet version of reality TV in many ways. Yes, dearies, come. Step into our lives. Learn our most intimate secrets.)

    Imagine crazed women over-running a studio vying for their big break to prove that they have Oprah magic. Keep in mind that Oprah magic is not simply the ability to speak well and draw a crowd. Ms. Winfrey is a crowd all by herself. Oprah magic is the ability to walk with dignity, grace, and to build a dynasty openly, all eyes upon you, awaiting you to crash and burn. But, baby, you don't. You just don't because God's got his hand on you.

    Yes, "The Hunt for the Next Hot Oprah" would make Donald Trump's Apprentice look like C-SPAN.

    I wouldn't be in the running for "Next Hot Oprah". Too old. But surely there's got to be some young unknown out there that America's ready to watch grow and is eager to love to the toenails.

    On the other hand, let's remember, when it comes to Oprah, the woman's a phenomenon. Like The Highlander, "There can be only One."

    Nordette/Jersey Goddess
    PS: If anyone out there has the resources to do this crazy show, remember, you heard it from me.
I've reopened that old blog site just so people can see I didn't make this up about pondering such a show in 2005. And I am not saying Oprah stole my idea because it's a logical idea that could have popped into the heads of anyone of her people without any help from me.

Nevertheless, I was amused to see this at her site, that she got the producer of Trump's Apprentice:
    Oprah and reality TV super producer Mark Burnett (SurvivorTM & The ApprenticeTM) are joining forces in search of the next big TV star. Do you have a big personality and a big dream for yourself? This could be your BIG BREAK - the chance of a lifetime to host your own TALK show...on OWN. If you think you have "IT" - upload your video audition or go to an open casting call. You can also help decide who wins - keep coming back right here to view auditions and vote for your favorites.
The image of O Magazine is the exact same one I used in June 2005.

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