Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Night Cuttlefish Mesmerized Me

Last night, meaning a few hours ago because it's only 12:22 a.m. right now in the New Orleans area, I watched a PBS episode of NOVA that fascinated me about cuttlefish, Kings of Camouflage. You can watch the whole video online, I've learned. I highly recommend it.

The cuttlefish's ability to change the color and texture of its skin is amazing. Sometimes it appears to hypnotize its prey. And there's a provocative story in the Kings of Camouflage about how the small males disguise themselves as females so they can get past the bigger, macho male cuttlefish during the mating season to place their sperm sacks beneath the arms of females that decide later whether or not to accept them to fertilize eggs. In addition, cuttlefish can learn, according to the film.

Above you'll see a brief video podcast.

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