Saturday, June 26, 2010

New York Times Scrutinizes Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal does his imitation of Moses
at an oil clean-up photo op. Photo by
Spencer Platt of Getty Images
As I wrote late last night in reference to a CBS report that our La. Gov. Bobby Jindal has not deployed fully the National Guard that President Barack Obama approved, "Finally, a major news outlet is not so impressed by Jindal's hot-faced 'passion' on camera that it won't scrutinize what he actually is doing or not doing."

Today I can also apply that "finally" to the New York Times. It's running the article, "Louisiana Wants U.S. Help, and Its Own Way." The article explores something the media should have examined long before now, that while he's ranting against BP and the federal government like Nagin blasted the feds from the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina, Jindal, sans Nagin's profanity, barks but doesn't know what he's doing either:
... a review of Louisiana’s prespill preparation suggests that the state may be open to the same criticisms that Mr. Jindal has leveled at BP and federal authorities.
Writing earlier this month about a speech Jindal gave to the Minerals Management Service in 2005, I discussed his declarations that Louisiana could balance oil drilling in the Gulf while balancing the threat to our wetlands and the hypocrisy of a Republican pushing states rights--declaring Louisiana could handle it all--while expecting the federal government to bear most of the responsibility for environmental protection. And I said then, June 2nd:
I'm fed up with Jindal scoring political points during this crisis given his pro-offshore oil drilling position and objection even to other regulations that protect the environment, such as global warming pollution regulations. While we watch him on the news daily, there's talk of his great crisis management skills and how presidential he looks, but let's not forget that Jindal is also shortsighted.

Gov. Jindal is a man consistently unable to see that deregulation and privatization is problematic. He may not be as dimwitted as Sarah Palin, but he is as myopic when it comes to drilling for oil.

... You see how promoting states rights works. ... If we're talking cleaning up the coast after state leaders lobby for offshore drilling, then it's states take the money, but let the feds take care of the mess while the states weep and kvetch. The same must go for being anti-anything-that-smacks-of-socialism but pro-federal-government-holding-businesses'-coats when disaster strikes.
In that post, I also said Jindal's sand berm plan was questionable. The New York Times article today looks askance at the sand berm solution also.

Please consider that Republicans and some progressive activists have criticized Obama for not knowing of the MMS's lax handing of BP's lease, the process for which began under George W. Bush before Obama took office, and concluded three months after he took the presidential oath and immediately took on the recession and health care reform. He's not been as successful with those problems as many had hoped. Nevertheless, these same people who blast the president have not critiqued Jindal's lack of preparedness for an oil spill when he is the governor of an oil state who's advocated deep water drilling and said Louisiana could balance the risks. So, where was his comprehensive plan for a crisis like the BP Deepwater Horizon rig blowing up in the Gulf of Mexico and devastating coastal life?

I'll repeat here what I told a commenter on the post about oily Judge Feldman blocking the drilling moratorium:
Louisiana should plan for the future and get off the oil pipe. Oil is finite. Tell your friends to live by the oil pipe is shortsighted. Our politicians have done us a disservice by being too dependent on the oil industry and not diversifying the economy.

But I suppose, now that the Gulf is ruined and will take years to recover, and the fishermen won't have jobs anyway, and Bobby Jindal is cutting education budgets, oil is all some people will ever know. That's sad. I guess the logic is drill it until you kill it and everything else be damned.
America, keep your eye on the Jindal.

Flashback 2005: Jindal Talks About His Love of Drilling and His Family's Ties to Oil


msladyDeborah said...

The NYT and CBS are not the only sources of information/entertainment that seem to be checking Jindal. I will venture to declare that so are you. Really. I have been reading your posts on the corporate disaster and you've been up on it with the zeal of a true LA native who loves her surroundings.

This whole oil issue is one that many of the addicts in the nation are not willing to face honestly. Especially those who believe that it is just not a major threat to our way of life. It is always difficult to make those who are engaged in addiction to see the problems it creates.

While this might look like this is going to be a great club to beat over Obama's head, by the GOP folks, that club is also going to bonk them too. Which is something that they do not seem to be long sighted enough to realize.

Keep up the good work Nordette. Believe me, one day people are going to realize that you were on point.

Megan said...

I know you've been on top of this story Nordette, and like the previous commenter, I appreciate that you know the area through and through.

I always love how Republican voters are for small government and government not being involved in their lives, EXCEPT when they're need to collect unemployment benefits or they want federal dollars to clean up after tornadoes, hurricanes or in this case oil spills.

The same goes for the politicians. Like the ones Rachel Maddow called out a few months ago, who on the national stage railed against the federal bailouts but on their local turf, took credit for the projects and jobs that federal money created.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

This was a great post, however, I think you're much too kind in describing Jindal as myopic. He knows where the power lies, and sees himself attaining more of it by being Big Oil's whore and servant. I'll bet he has an eye on the White House for 2016, if not sooner, and you're right, America needs to keep an eye on him.