Monday, June 14, 2010

Oklahoma City Floods. In Arkansas, Flood Takes 19 Lives

I'll get back to oil spill coverage later, but as someone who lives in a state that's also known for flooding, Louisiana, I wanted to acknowledge the flash flooding hitting Oklahoma now. CNN reports Unrelenting Thunderstorms Flood Oklahoma City.
The National Weather Service said that almost 10 inches of rain fell between 2 and 11 a.m. CT, and Tim Hartley of Oklahoma Gas & Electric says that about 4,000 customers are without power.
The story says evacuations are in progress.

In addition, a campground flooded in Arkansas, Friday, June 11. The death toll on that flood is at 19, reports CBS.

You can view a live feed of Oklahoma flooding at

For us in Louisiana, this is the season of hurricanes and flooding. I have to breathe deeply watching these images of flooding elsewhere, empathize with the victims, and pray we don't experience the same before 2010 ends.

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