Friday, June 11, 2010

Tragedy in Arkansas: 16 or More Dead in Campground Flood

CNN reports:
At least 16 people died at an Arkansas campground after heavy rain and flash flooding, and many more could be trapped in the area, state authorities said. ... Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe said there's word from the Red Cross that there could have been as many as 300 people in the rugged Albert Pike campground area of western Arkansas, but he said there is no registration that would show the precise number.
KATV in Arkansas confirms:
Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler says he does not know if those killed early Friday were campers or area residents. ... He says officials are moving in a refrigerated truck to set up as a temporary morgue.
In the CNN video, it's said cell phone service in the rural area is spotty. I can attest to that. A few years ago I spent time at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. Gorgeous, and I'd love to go back, but cell phone service was intermittent.

Albert Pike campgrounds are part of the Ouachita National Forest, about two hours southwest of Petit Jean.

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