Monday, June 7, 2010

(Video) Obama Looks for Ass to Kick When He Talks to Experts

MSNBC is promoting Matt Lauer's Today Show interview with President Barack Obama, which airs tomorrow, June 8. Already, the clip of Obama on the oil spill, saying he talks to experts so he'll know "whose ass to kick" is making the rounds. I have no comment other than what I've said before, "Obama needs to put on the Great Oil Spill Show." See also, "Obama calls GOP the party of No."

And will Obama's use of the word "ass" appease Bill Maher and Spike Lee and the rest of America clamoring for "the angry Obama"? I still say people want to see him in chest-high waders scooping oil from the Gulf of Mexico with his hands.

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And I couldn't help but add Saturday Night Live's old skit about Obama not showing anger, but should he show anger, he becomes "The Rock Obama."



GCSpeaks said...

Thanks for Fox News who gave us the information about tomorrow's interview with Pres. Obama with Matt Lauer about the oil mess. Everybody tune in on Tuesday morning.

Vérité Parlant said...

Fox News? NBC is Matt Lauer's network and it is promoting the interview.

Ann Freeman said...

Great post. I agree on all points, including the need for America to see Obama in waders scooping oil. I also think it is time for him to step up and kick some serious ass. I linked to your post on my post about the topic here:

Thanks for all of your great writing on this catastrophe.

Robeen said...

President Obama seems to be doing the best that he can with so much of a mess handed his way.